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YouTube removes over 9,000 channels related to the Ukraine War

YouTube removes over 9,000 channels related to the Ukraine war Platform has taken 'unprecedented action' to address violations of our Conte YouTube has removed more than 70,000 videos and 9,000 channels related to the war in Ukraine for violating its content guidelines, including removing videos that referred to the invasion as an "editing mission."  The platform is very popular in Russia, where, unlike some of its US counterparts, it has not been shut down despite hosting content from opposition figures like Alexei Navalny. YouTube was also able to operate in Russia despite cracking down on pro-Kremlin content that violated guidelines including the Major Violent Events Policy, which prohibits denying or downplaying the invasion. Since the conflict broke out in February, YouTube has suspended channels including that of pro-Kremlin journalist Vladimir Solovyov. Channels linked to the Russian defense and foreign ministries have also been temporarily suspended from upl

6 YouTube channel causes hypnosis to relax you and get away from reality for a while

If you live on Planet Earth, you might be in some circumstances nervous for some reason. This is why it is good to detach a bit from reality, at least for a few minutes or hours, and try to relax and clear your mind.  If you can't leave the house, you can always take advantage of the internet. YouTube in particular can provide you with a window in which you can look at something different to get out of the routine, get rid of boredom, exercise, or relax a little while you are at home.  Here is a list of YouTube channels that broadcast videos where no one is usually talking.Some of them may sound strange, but for some they hypnosis enough to relax.   RailCowGirl  That was a recommendation from Owen Williams on YouTube and an inspiration to put together this list. It is simply a channel that shows live broadcasts and recordings of a train traveling along the lines of Norway. nothing else. The view in first person and the scenery are beautiful and relaxing, and it is very easy t

A service to download YouTube videos without pop-up ads and supports downloading with fancy quality

YouTube ranks as the second largest social networking platform after Facebook, and is the largest video library in the world as well as the third largest site in terms of use and the number of visitors per day, and the site was first established in 2005, one year after its launch of the site’s fame. A quick success made the giant Google to buy it for $ 1.6 billion from its original owners, in addition to the opportunity to watch and upload the videos that YouTube gives to users, the platform is a source of income for some at the same time, as the average profit through YouTube is 2 out of 2 USD per 1000 views on YouTube, depending on where viewers and target audience of course, if you want to make money by industry and raise the videos we encourage you to use the platform, and to do so you'll need to make attractive and enjoyable videos are the largest number of users to attract you can even make money As for normal users, it is certain that you will encounter one of the videos

Baby Ryan Kaji wins $ 30 million: Discover the highest-grossing YouTuber of 2020

One of the celebrity follow-up platforms on the Internet published a list of the most monetizing content creators on YouTube in 2020, as nine-year-old Ryan Kaji made nearly $ 30 million in one year of "opening his box" and reviewing games to hold the title of Top YouTuber. Wages for the third year in a row.    Forbes published a list of YouTubers who made the most money in 2020.  Although celebrities' total earnings have decreased by $ 200 million compared to 2019 due to the Coronavirus, the numbers are still surprising.   On the list, 9-year-old Ryan Kaji ranked first with total earnings of $ 29.5 million, 3.5 million more than what he achieved last year.   Kids Channel has become popular thanks to science experiments, family stories, and reviews of new games. Additionally, much of his work comes from licensing agreements for more than 5,000 products, from bedroom decorations and action figures to masks and walkie-talkies that he uses in his videos. Second place for