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Scientists reveal the first real picture of the giant black hole that will devour our galaxy

Historic moment.. a black hole in a photograph for the first time  The first real image of the giant black hole located in the center of our galaxy the Milky Way, which is about us 26 thousand light-years away! The first photograph of a black hole  Black hole, this mysterious black block, which is billions of kilometers from Earth and which scientists believe they swallow light particles, and say it is the center of our galaxy, has seen the first time.  "Event Horizon telescope," Thursday, the International Scientific Union revealed the first photographic image of what is believed to be the center of our galaxy.  This image culminates a collaborative effort between more than 300 scientists and is considered proof of the visible first of the existence of a "black hole" huge, as long as filled space scientists and shape their interests and experiences center for more than half a century, since, in 1974, first appeared signals emitted from the heart of the Milky Way -