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How to use Apple Pay

Apple Pay works by letting you add a digital copy of your debit or credit card to the Wallet app.   Once you're set up, you can use Apple Pay to buy things online, in apps, and in person without having to carry physical credit cards, cash, or a separate wallet.    You can also use Apple Pay to send money to friends and family through the Messages app. In some cities, you can even use Apple Pay to replace your transit card for public transportation. In general, Apple will walk you through setting up Apple Pay when you first turn on a new device. But, if for some reason you don't, here's everything you need to know to get started plus some tips on how to use it. No matter what device you set up, the first step is to always check if your device is compatible. For iPhones, this is any model with Touch ID or Face ID, except for the iPhone 5S. You can also use Apple Pay on certain iPads with Touch ID or Face ID and all Apple Watches since Series 1. Mac models with Touch ID ma

An Arab company that excels and becomes the most valuable in the world , Apple is no longer the most valuable company in the world

Apple is no longer the most valuable company in the world ، As it became the most valuable Arab oil company . Apple is no longer the most valuable company in the world.. an Arab company outperforms it A 5% drop in Apple's stock value last Wednesday halted the company, led by Tim Cook, from being the world's most valuable company. As reported by CNBC , Apple shares have fallen as much as 20% since it hit the $182.94 cap in January of this year. The oil giant Aramco, based in Saudi Arabia, has become the most valuable company in the world today, with a value of $2.43 trillion.  While Apple is down about 20% from January 4 so far, Aramco's share price has gone up by as much as 27% throughout the whole of 2022 due to the higher price of oil, above all. As a result, the profits of the Saudi Oil Company doubled compared to last year. In this way, Aramco regained the first place in the ranking of the most valuable companies in the world that it lost in 2020, when Apple managed

Leaks review the details and price of the iPhone 14 Pro phone

Leaks review the details and price of the iPhone 14 Pro phone,  The latest leaks reviewed the full details of the specifications and the price of the upcoming version of Apple iPhone 14 Pro before the announcement expected later this year. Leaks review the details and price of the iPhone 14 Pro phone  It revealed the leaks that came across @Shadow_Leak phone for iPhone 14 Pro specifications where the phone screen comes LTPO OLED-sized 6.06 inch, and refresh rate 120 Hz, and a display resolution of 2532 1170 pixels. Also scheduled according to previous leaks that come phones iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max key sensor in the background cameras accurately 48 mega pixel camera, while the second sensor accurately 12 mega pixel camera angles display super vastness comes, comes the sensor third accurately 12 mega pixel camera with lenses, telephoto.  It is scheduled to come cameras main characteristic accurately 48 mega pixel camera, aperture lenses, f / 1.3, also features a sensor size o

How to share paid apps on iPhone with anyone for free

You can share your purchases from the Apple store with other iPhone users using the Apple Family Sharin service, which is similar to the Google Family Sharing service, which is also available exclusively for Android users. We inform you on this method of sharing paid iPhone applications with any Someone for free. In this case, you will not need to purchase the same app multiple times, instead you can use Apple Family Sharing service to share your app purchases with up to 6 other people for free without sharing your account information with them, this includes;  Access to apps, games, movies, TV shows, and paid books.  It is a very useful option if your family or friends have multiple iOS devices.  You can also share App Store, iTunes, and Apple Books purchases, an Apple News subscription, and an iCloud storage plan.  The option also enables sharing of photo albums, family calendars, and locations if you wish.  Family Sharing works on iOS 8 or later, and each member must have their ow

Why Apple's AirPods Max cost 200 $ more than its competitors?

Last week, Apple announced headphones (AirPods Max) AirPods Max, but the first thing that users noticed was not the elegant design of the headphones or the new features, but rather their very high price, coming at a price of $ 549, which is about $ 170 higher than the price of Headphones 700 from Bose at launch, and $ 200 more for the WH-1000XM4 from Sony.  The price difference increases significantly, given that both previous headphones are now on sale at $ 339 and $ 279, respectively, so the gap between the AirPods Max and its two largest competitors is currently $ 210 and $ 270, respectively.  Hence, we find that Apple is required to justify this high price, given that its competing headphones are very good and offer most of the features that they offer at a very lower price. So today we will review the most prominent features in the AirPods Max that made Apple offer at this price, as well as its most prominent shortcomings:  1- AirPods Max design looks customized for you:  Apple