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Musk: Twitter's algorithms are manipulating users

Elon Musk said he was rigged platform for Twitter users through the time table algorithm on the site, resulting in a response from the former founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. Musk: Twitter's algorithms are manipulating users  This represents the latest development in the acquisition of the troubled holder of the company. In a new tweet , Musk indicated the need to replace the platform's default timeline, which displays tweets based on popularity and user interests.  The Mask: is manipulated by your algorithm in ways that can not be detected. He asked his followers to fix the timeline to show the latest tweets by clicking on the star in the top right of the screen.  Dorsey responded by disagreeing with Musk, saying the job was a way to keep followers informed of trending news and could easily be changed.  Chirp Dorsey: designed to save time when away from the application for a period of time. Drag to update your return to the

Hacking the accounts of famous people, senior politicians and big companies on Twitter, including the accounts of billionaires # Bill_Gates, #Ealon_Mask and #JoBayden

Washington: The accounts of a number of top politicians and businessmen on #Twitter, including the account of # Joe Biden, former US Vice President and #Mike_Bloomberg, and the famous American rapper # KanyeWest appeared to have been hacked today, Wednesday.  Other famous accounts, including the official accounts of billionaires # Bill_Gates and Elon_Mask and the # Apple and Uber accounts, were also compromised, as the accounts requested contributions via the digital currency # Bitcoin.  And those tweets were quickly deleted from the accounts. Twitter said in an email that it was looking into it and would issue a statement soon.