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Samsung prides itself as the main partner of the Queen of England .. provide new phones every year

It is not easy to become an official supplier of the Royal House of the British, so it seems logical for us this time that the South Korean giant Samsung wants to show off as the main partner of the Queen of England. Samsung prides itself as the main partner of the Queen of England ..  provide new phones every year This recognition in the form of a certificate of guarantee is a tradition that dates back to the 15th century, so the fact that the British Royal House gives a new "royal guarantee" to Samsung puts the company on the level of the best and most important in the world.  In its press release, Samsung says it is very proud to have provided quality products to the Queen of England, having received her first approval in 2012 and this year's celebration of the 10th anniversary of the collaboration with the English monarchy:  This new British Royal Certificate awarded to Samsung also expands the agreement, as not

Where does Samsung manufacture its smartphones? These are the countries where it has factories

There is no doubt that Samsung is one of the most important phone companies at the moment, as with every sale it has become a great option for those looking for smartphones with excellent value for money.  But have you ever wondered where Samsung builds all of these devices? One might think so in China, as practically all other companies do, but no. Contrary to what it might seem, Samsung has many factories in different countries of the world and despite all the odds, China is no longer among them.  As we mentioned a little over a month ago, the Korean brand Samsung had closed its last Chinese factory. Where are its factories now located? Well, as SamMobile tells us, SlimSung has factories in all of these countries: Vietnam: It is the country in which the largest number of Samsung devices (smartphones, tablets, and laptops) are manufactured. It is estimated that up to 120 million units are produced every year.  India: India is not only the country with the largest Samsung factor

Samsung Galaxy Fold's screen failures have finally been fixed, report says

Samsung has completed a redesign of its on-hold-since-April Galaxy Fold phone. Angela Lang/CNET Samsung's   Galaxy Fold   was meant to be the first foldable phone to hit the market. But screen-destroying design flaws caused the $1,980 phone to be delayed for two months and counting, as the phone was meant to launch on April 26. But now the South Korean electronics giant has completed its redesign of the Galaxy Fold,   reports Bloomberg .  No release date has been set, a source told Bloomberg, but Samsung is on the cusp of being able to manufacture market-ready Galaxy Fold   phones .  The initial designed was plagued by screen failures when reviewers discovered that peeling off a protective film, which looked identical to a screen protector, caused display failures. (CNET's unit was unaffected.) Samsung's new Fold will feature a protective film that wraps around the screen, making it far more difficult to remove.  remove.  Video:   Samsung has Galaxy Fold tear