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How do I spot fake pictures on websites | Your complete guide to detecting photo spoofing

You may be wondering how I can detect fake images on the Internet and social media sites in particular, as advances in artificial intelligence have facilitated the creation of complex fake images, videos and audio recordings, and in the meantime misinformation is spreading on social media. The fake photos are frequently re-circulated and have been debunked. Reverse Image Search is a simple and effective way to find out how an image was previously used, and unlike regular internet searches in which keywords are specified, reverse image searches on Google or TinEye can search for the same or similar images in a huge database.  Digital photos often contain:  Rich metadata that can provide clues to its source and authenticity.  Metadata is data about the data.  The metadata of the digital photo includes the camera make and model, and camera settings such as aperture size, exposure time, date and time the photo was taken, the GPS location where the photo was taken, and more.  The importa

The cost of shutting down the Internet reaches 2.7 billion dollars in the largest country in the world

According to a new report by Top10VPN - a site that tracks VPNs and privacy tools - India has lost nearly $ 2.7 billion due to internet shutdowns in 2020, more than the sum total of the next 10 countries on the chart.      India has a large number of internet users in the world, therefore, when the central or state government decides to shut down the internet for one reason or another, a large number of people and companies are affected, and it leads to a great financial loss.  India has been offline for longer than any other country, recording 8,927 hours of blackouts in the past year.  And according to - a site that tracks internet blockages in India - the internet has been shut down 83 times in the country in 2020.  The biggest contributor to India's numbers was the internet shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir, which lasted from August 2019 to March 2020.  The government blocked the internet in the region in August 2019 - which is home to more than 7 million peo

How to get rid of Anatova ransomware ransomware attack?

Anatova ransomware attack is a dangerous type  of cyber attack that targets local files on your computer, but it also targets the shared resources on your network and although ransomware is often difficult to get rid of, Anatova can be removed easily if you follow a few easy steps.   Anatova ransomware, for example, is a common attack (in an infamous way) that affected many devices in 2019, and this ransomware was first discovered on a private peer-to-peer network by security researchers at McAfee, and now here's why Being dangerous to any device it accesses, Anatova forces PC users to infect their devices by copying the code for an application or game, and once your device is infected, two things happen, first your local files will be encrypted and secondly, all files on network shares will share the same fate, and in the worst case scenario , Where the attacker wins, the victims must pay a ransom of 10 Dash Coins (valued at around $ 700) to decrypt their files.      How to ge

Learn why you should wait 10 seconds when you restart the router?

Wait for 10 seconds before reconnecting "You're at this stage asking yourself already:" But is this just a joke of technical support or is it based on a technical reason?  "In this article we will identify why we have to wait 10 seconds when you restart your modem or router.   .  Why do we disconnect the router for 10 seconds  Many of the modern technologies contain capacitors, elements of electronic elements and their main guest is the control of the flow of electrical charge in the electronic circuit.  It is called condenser because it condenses and keeps the charge inside it like an instantaneous battery.    10 seconds is the time it takes most of the capacitors to discharge the stored energy, which is enough time for the electronic device to stop working effectively and completely.  This happens when you disconnect the power from your computer and note that the motherboard LED is still on for a few more seconds, until it runs out slowly.  You c

Here are 4 golden tools to help you improve your blog content

Content is one of the things that a number of people on the Internet can make monthly income easily and fast, and always difficult in the Internet is the way to get this content and publish it on your blog, but there is a general rule and known in the Internet which is the success of manufacturers  The content, whether on the YouTube platform or private blogs, is always by discovering your own content and not copying it from a known person, but sometimes even though your content is difficult to manage well, so in today's post you want to share your blog content  Via the colon  The 4 golden tools. . 1. Keyword Keg This tool helps you to identify and know the most common keywords for your target market so that you can upload your content in the top ranks on the Google platform and this is exactly what helps you to bring in many visitors and the huge profit through advertising service in Google Adsense. . 2.  Content Idea Generator   You can use this tool if you have not