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Learn about dual space | Running Google services on Huawei and Honor phones 2021

If you are one of the owners of Huawei or Honor phones, I mean here that Google services such as Play, Maps, YouTube and others do not work on them and are looking for a way to operate Google services on these phones, we give you a simple and easy way to operate Google services on Huawei and Honor 2021 phones through the dualspace application available on Huawei store and rest of Android stores. Dual Space is an Android application that allows users to clone and run multiple accounts from the same application simultaneously on one device, and it also allows users to create a space dedicated to them. Here we use it to run Google services on Huawei or Honor phones, as many users fight.  First, download the application from the links below and allow it to download from external sources, then install it on your phone and open the dualspace application, give the powers it requests from you, find a folder that opens for you in which there is a Play Store icon, click on it to download the r

6 wonderful tricks hidden in Huawei phones you should learn by

Huawei is rich from the definition of the most successful companies around the world, but recently, after the problems with Google trying to stabilize itself in the manufacture of all components of its phones within China to avoid the problems that occurred again, and this company always has many surprises for users,  If you try to check your Huawei phone a little, you will find that it has many features that you have not previously learned or used before.  First: Use the App Twin feature  The App Twin feature is one of the unique features of Huawei phones and sometimes in some new Samsung phones. This feature allows you to open more than one account at the same time.  Because this feature will save you very time in this issue.  Second: the existence of reverse wireless charging  The latest versions of Huawei phones have a feature called Wireless Reverse Charging, which means the reverse charge, which is to keep your battery from running out of power by switching power

Learn about Huawei phones that can get the new Android Q10 update

Fortunately Huawei will benefit from a three-month mission to make security updates as well as maintenance of its hardware and network in the United States.  As handset owners and current equipment from Huawei will benefit from new updates to Android.    Google's suspension of work with Huawei has caused concern among users. It could block the use of common applications like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Google Apps Store, Google Maps and all other services of the US company.  Google is committed to the decision of the US administration, which attacked "Huawei," claiming that the company poses a threat to its national security because of its use of fifth-generation communication network and take the company as a means of Chinese spy activities. Here is the list of devices that can receive the new update Android 10 Q / EMUI 10.

way to record calls is very easy and within the original calls application for Huawei and Honor phone for Android 9

Welcome, we offer you a way to record calls very easily and within the application of the original calls without a routine this way especially for Huawei and honor devices only Android 9.0! All you have to do is download the application, which will be linked down and its size is very small.  And then install the application at the end of the installation make any connection and the registration button will appear as in the picture. Watch the video to learn the way Download links: 1. Click here Or 2. Click here , 3. Click here