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Anniversary of the founding of Great Britain، How did the UK take over India and Australia?

Anniversary of the founding of Great Britain How does an island of 120,000 miles occupy 11 million miles, and 200,000 soldiers rule over 570 million people? * How was an island of 120,000 square miles able to occupy an area of ​​11 million square miles? How did 200 thousand soldiers control 570 million people? On this day, Britain was founded, which turned from an island into an empire on which the sun never sets. The date of foundation was 05/1/1707 CE The story of the British Empire is a unique story different from other empires in history, as it is not primarily a vast area and strategic depth, but was a modest island suffering from ethnic and religious divisions and conflicts, to turn into an empire on which the sun does not set. It has proven that the power of weapons and the army alone is not sufficient to control hundreds of millions of people and vast areas of land. For example, the figures say that the number of British officials who ruled India is only 1,000, and they contro