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Use the complete Wikipedia encyclopedia offline without the Internet on your computer or phone with this tool - Kiwix

Wikipedia is an international encyclopedia that contains most of the information you are looking for, and it is the first thing that appears to you when you search. If you go to a place where the Internet is not available on your device, there is a way by downloading the Kiwix tool. To use the encyclopedia, you must provide an Internet connection, and Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based, free content encyclopedia operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that allows any user to edit, edit, and create new articles on the encyclopedia. In March 2009, Wikipedia had 15 million articles. Written in approximately 292 languages, and at the present time, the number of articles reaches more than 20 million articles, 5 million of which are in English, and the encyclopedia is a treasure trove of knowledge for all Internet users. What is Kiwix? It is a program specially prepared for reading Wikipedia without the need for an internet connection and the program does not cont

How to get rid of Anatova ransomware ransomware attack?

Anatova ransomware attack is a dangerous type  of cyber attack that targets local files on your computer, but it also targets the shared resources on your network and although ransomware is often difficult to get rid of, Anatova can be removed easily if you follow a few easy steps.   Anatova ransomware, for example, is a common attack (in an infamous way) that affected many devices in 2019, and this ransomware was first discovered on a private peer-to-peer network by security researchers at McAfee, and now here's why Being dangerous to any device it accesses, Anatova forces PC users to infect their devices by copying the code for an application or game, and once your device is infected, two things happen, first your local files will be encrypted and secondly, all files on network shares will share the same fate, and in the worst case scenario , Where the attacker wins, the victims must pay a ransom of 10 Dash Coins (valued at around $ 700) to decrypt their files.      How to ge

How to prevent deletion or modification of files and protect them from the danger of ransomware

Among the worst attacks that your device can be exposed to is a "Ransomware" attack, this dangerous attack mainly targets user files that urge to encrypt them and prevent access to them, then ask the user to pay to decode them, where this attack succeeds in encoding the adjustable files, As for the non-editable files, i.e. read-only, ransomware will not be able to encrypt and then control them, so it will be safe to make your important and sensitive files read-only without modification, in this way no party or person will be able to edit or delete them unless after your approval, In order to protect your files in this way, we suggest that you use the FileProtection program. FileProtection program is a free application for Windows through which you can prevent deletion or modification of files and protect them from the risk of ransomware by making them readable only without modification, in this way you will keep your important and sensitive files from the

Play Call of Duty Mobile on your PC in 5 simple steps

Call Play Call of Duty Mobile on your PC in 5 simple steps  Call of Duty Mobile is one of the new games for the mobile phone campaign, which is the competition for the other game, which goes without the definition of “Ppgi”.  But based on the latest official statistics, the game has surpassed BPG and much.  Anyway, everyone is impressed with the way Call of Duty Mobile is played, and it is all the more impressive when it comes to the number of guns and their images.  However, long hours of play on the screen of your mobile phone can become a bit boring.  So, if you want to play the game on your computer, here's how you can do the same, and how it represents five very simple steps.  Steps to download and play Call of Duty Mobile on your computer:  * The first step is to download the official Call of Duty Mobile emulator called Gameloop.  Download the Gameloop emulator to your computer.  * After downloading the emulator, install

The best programs to help you discover programs that need to be removed from Windows

When installing software is a very easy process, and generally takes a few clicks to complete.  But the problem occurs and gets out of control when your computer contains dozens of installed programs that do not really benefit you, do not use them too much or are not recommended.  To look at this aspect, we offer a set of programs that you can install on your computer to see if it is useful to keep some programs on your computer or not. Should i remove it? This program for Windows is very useful because it provides us with a guide to know which programs we must delete or keep in the system.  To do this, the program scans the system and collects information with its database, leading to program rankings on the utility and security of each program. In this sense, if you remove it, it can detect not only if you have useless or low-use programs, but you can also detect programs that have been identified as adware, bloatware, and crapware. PC Decrapfier The PC Decrapfier is

How to determine the version of Windows on a computer

Note You must be logged into Windows to utilize any of these methods. All users who are using Microsoft Windows can find what  version  of Windows they're using by following the steps below. Tip See our  Windows  definition for information about Microsoft Windows including all versions of Windows and the history of Windows. Determine version with latest Windows. Alternative methods. Determine version on mobile devices. Determine version with latest Windows Latest versions of Windows Go to the  Windows desktop  screen. Press the  Windows key  + R on the keyboard. Type  winver  in the text field and press Enter. Windows 7 and earlier Click  Start , usually found in the lower left corner of the main desktop screen. Click the  Run  or Search field, type  winver , and press  Enter . An  About Windows  window will open and display the version of Microsoft Windows, the build info, and  service pack  information, if any service pack is installed. Bel