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Elon Musk's father accepts an offer to donate his sperm to wealthy women to have children as smart as Elon Musk

Is it possible to have a child carrying the genes of Elon Musk without resorting to him?  This is the intention of a Colombian company, which turned to the father of businessman, Elon Musk, to propose to him his sperm to fertilize women with high purchasing power who would like to have a child with a selfie like Elon. Errol himself admitted this in an interview with the newspaper "The Sun", in which he did not want to reveal the name of the company that made him the surprise offer.  "There's a company in Colombia that wants me to donate sperm to fertilize upper-class Colombian women, because they're saying, 'Why would I go to Elon Musk, when you can go to the real person who gave birth to Elon?'" Errol Musk says in an interview. Always according to his account, the offer did not include money, but compensation in kind: "They offered me travel and first-class accommodation in a five-star hotel, and all that kind of thing."