WhatsApp Plus 20.00 is now officially launched! Download it and enjoy important features not found in regular WhatsApp

As for the question about any average WhatsApp is the best, we usually answer: WhatsApp Plus. This application has been under development for years and is one of the most complete adjustments that you can find complete today. In 2022, the 20.00 version reached many interesting features of WhatsApp as a professional.
If you want to bypass the limitations of the official WhatsApp app and have many customization and privacy options, then you should try this new version of WhatsApp Plus. If you install an older version already, such as WhatsApp Plus 17.40, do not worry, because once you install the APK that we will present to you below, will be updated to the latest version. 

 - The three developments WhatsApp Plus 20.00 appeared for the first time on Android:

WhatsApp Plus is a full modification so that it is difficult to find new jobs to add to it. However, its developers were able to integrate the following three new features:

 - A new interface for audio calls: Now you have a simpler and simpler design, although you can continue to change it to what you want with themes.

 Publication of WhatsApp Public Groups: The amendment now provides a space for you to display public WhatsApp groups to the entire society and thus reach more people who want to join. To do this, you can use up to five classification signs that determine the purpose of your group.

 - The browser of the new messaging browser: This is a button that allows you to open the messaging browser faster.

 These functions are added to all functions already in the situation, such as those that allow you to hide your last appearance and appear online, disrupt the blue verification mark, hide the status of "writing", etc. You will be amazed at seeing the large number of features that WhatsApp Plus possesses, which are not in the official WhatsApp.

 This version is created from WhatsApp Plus by Heymods, so if you have a previous version, you can easily update it using the Appupdater application installed from the Google Play Store. Now, if this is the first time that you will install WhatsApp, download the APK from its 20th release with the following link: WhatsAppLusbyheymods

 Remember that using WhatsApp modifications can cancel your account. So try to make a clean installation (i.e. uninstalling the official application before installing the modified application) to prevent WhatsApp from knowing that you are deporting to a modified application.

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