Washing and refilling used condoms... a photo that's causing a stir

Facebook users have shared photos showing hundreds of wrapped and unwrapped condoms, with claims that they show used contraceptives being packaged for resale.

Washing and refilling used condoms... a photo that's causing a stir

Washing and refilling used condoms... a photo that's causing a stir

But the claim is false, since by investigating the photos, it turns out that they are linked to events several years ago in China and Vietnam, and not in Kenya, according to the AFP news-checking service.

 The agency said that the photos were posted on Facebook on March 17, and have been shared repeatedly since that time.

 The text accompanying the photos read: "Nairobi, used condoms are washed, repacked and sold as contraceptives."
Misleading leaflet about used refilled condoms in Kenya

The post includes pictures of bags and boxes that appear to be filled with rolled and unwrapped condoms. One of the photos shows packaging with what looks like the Durex brand of blue and white condoms.

 Reverse image searches by Agence France-Presse showed that none of the images were from Kenya, nor were they recent.

 The agency also revealed that one of these photos was also published with a similar claim in Cameroon last year.

 But this image was originally published on French-Canadian news site TVA Nouvelles in September 2020, linked to an article about a police raid in Vietnam that resulted in the confiscation of more than 345,000 used condoms, which were being cleaned and repackaged for resale.

 The article quoted Vietnam Television (VTV) and included images from the channel's report on the raid.

The agency said that by tracking other photos, it was found that they were originally published in 2018, about police seizing fake condoms in China.

 The articles credit a post on Chinese social media platform WeChat as the image source, about a police crackdown in Hebei Province on August 2, 2018.

 The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns on its website that condoms should not be reused.

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