Video .. Depp's lawyer surprised Amber Heard with "photos" on the closing day

Six weeks after the sensational trial of the controversial, the American actor Johnny Depp and ex-wife actress Amber Heard, ending the trial that attracted the United States and the world Friday evening.
Video .. Depp's lawyer surprised Amber Heard with "photos" on the closing day

Depp's lawyer surprised Amber Heard with "photos" on the closing day

Began closing arguments of the parties, on Friday, it is due to the jury begins its deliberations on Friday.

The spin in the United States since the month of April, the trial of Amber Heard, for defamation Bjohnny Deeb, which revealed day after day, shocking secrets about the controversial relationship.

Johnny Depp began a crisis when he accused his ex-wife Amber Heard (was associated with them from 2015 to 2017), abuse her and hit her where he published Hurd in 2020 an article in the Washington Post, in which she said he was abusive.

Depp sue Hurd decided because of her article, which caused a stir wide, accusing them of defamation, a case that revolves in the courts of California now.

Johnny Depp's team of lawyers began the closing argument, led by attorney Camille Vasquez, who impressed followers on social media, because of her strength in responding to Heard, and presenting evidence in a convincing manner.

 Vasquez began publishing pictures, revealing Heard's lies, according to the lawyer's description, because they show the actress without any traces of beating, on dates that Heard previously said were dates when she was beaten.

 Vasquez surprised the audience with the pictures, which were taken of Heard at parties and events on the same date as her allegations that she had been beaten, and Heard appeared in absolutely excellent health.

 Vasquez will be allowed to plead for two hours, before Amber Heard's team begins to argue for two hours, before the case is transferred to the jury to make a final decision and hand the verdict to the court.

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