The secret of justice in Johnny Depp's "bracelet" .. A gift from a fan that grabs attention

The secret of justice in Johnny Depp's "bracelet" .. A gift from a fan that grabs attention

Johnny Depp used since the beginning of the trial, the special case of defamation filed against Amber Heard, to be received by the audience with words Thiveh and shouts and gifts

Among the gifts that the actor received one day was a bracelet bearing the words "Justice for Johnny Depp".

And the fan who gave him the bracelet was surprised that he actually kept it, and even appeared with it in the closing session as well, and published a picture of him wearing the bracelet, as well as a picture of the bracelet group that she made in support of the Pirates of the Caribbean star, including a group that carried the phrase “Don’t be afraid of the truth.”

Wrote adoring: "I am very happy that Johnny Depp wearing a bracelet" Justice for Johnny Depp, "which I gave him. I also gave him a bracelet written on it" is not afraid of the truth. "Made me lady 60 copies of the bracelets in order Oozaahm to the public in the trial, They have carried out all of them. If you want one, connect with me through messages "
The trial between Depp and Heard has begun in the United States since last April, in which Heard is accused of defaming Johnny Depp, after she wrote an article in the Washington Post in 2020 accusing him of beating and abusing her during their marriage from 2015 to 2017.

The jury for the defamation trial is scheduled to convene for deliberation next Tuesday, and it is made up of 7 members to deliberate the defamation case.

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