The Batman .. movie gets an average rating from critics and viewers

The Batman is a perfect example of being a big superhero blockbuster that still honors the art of filmaking. It uses CGI and blue screen but it has so many practical sets, stunt work and extras. Movies like this age much better then if its all a green sound stage.

The Batman movie gets an average rating from critics and viewers

The Batman movie gets an average rating from critics and viewers

The movie The Batman on the assessment reached 85% by 479 global critic, and 87% by more than 10 thousand certified scenes from the site Rotten Tomatoes, since its launch on March 1 last.

 Movie The Batman directed by Matt Reeves, and includes a selection of stars, most notably Robert Pattinson in the role of Batman, Zoe Kravitz in the role of Selina Kyle, Paul Dano in the role of the Riddler, Jeffrey Wright in the role of James Gordon, John Turturro in the role of Carmen Falcon, and Peter Sarsgaard.

And achieved The Batman's second best opening film at a time Koruna role of cinema projectors, and after what made Spider-Man: No Way Home movies the most to achieve revenue in the opening, after it was put forward by the end of 2021, with revenues The Batman reached more than $ 300 million in various theaters And launched the movie beginning 1 March, where he offered on March Korea, South, and on 2 March in France, and in the UAE Baii of the same month, that show in Britain and the United States on March 4 and other countries, is expected to revenues increase the film dramatically Once introduced in China, which is one of the largest and most important markets and cinema currently scheduled for March 18.

 Was filming the movie has stopped in London, after Warner Bros announced the injury of a member of the production virus Corona, while the announced site THR that he was diagnosed with star Robert Pattinson film b COVID-19 and caused the injury in a decision to postpone the launch film for several months, because injury caused disabling imaging and undergo a large number of staff to stone home, in light of the difficult market conditions, which led to the closure of the largest and most important theaters in America and the world because of the Corona virus.

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