'Terrifying scenarios'... What would happen if humans used 1% of nuclear weapons?

Among other poses the use of nuclear weapons in an attempt to threaten the opponents, waving the paper and mounts this warning from the Russian side since the start of the invasion against Ukraine on 24 February-February 2022.

Days after the start of the war, Russia announced putting its nuclear forces on high alert, in an attempt to deter the West from supporting Ukraine, as well as repeatedly raising the issue of the use of nuclear weapons by media and politicians close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

 And with each time the world approaches a nuclear conflict, the possible scenarios for the use of nuclear weapons and the repercussions of each scenario on the planet and life on its surface are raised again. What will happen if humans decide to resort to the most dangerous weapons in their hands?

 Limited conflict: 1% of warheads

One study developed a scenario of the outbreak of a nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan. It is noteworthy that both countries possess nuclear weapons but a limited amount compared to the other great powers.

 Among the estimated B14000 nuclear warheads all over the world, 95% of them in my hand the United States and Russia, with both Pakistan and India has almost 150 upside down. The study wanted to discover the potential impacts if each of them detonated 50 Hiroshima-sized bombs, less than 1 per cent of the estimated global arsenals.

 This study did not specify the number of human deaths in the nuclear war scenario "limited", but it's supposed to be up to tens or hundreds of millions.

 But the effects on the planet would be catastrophic: With the arrival of the clouds black to the stratosphere, Vchristjb solar radiation all the Earth dramatically.

 The conflict will cause such the greatest famine documented in human history, because of the low sunlight that reaches the Earth by 20 to 35%, leading to a cooling surface to range between two and five degrees Celsius.

 What about the overall conflict?

In 2008, it developed a study of a nuclear war between Russia and the United States scenario, which launches about 4,400 nuclear warheads equivalent to half of the current stocks held by both Russia and the United States.

 According to this scenario, a million people will die immediately 770, and starts about 180 "Tg" of black smoke caused by fire cities and forests.

 Another study suggested according to the scenario of starting 150 Tg of black smoke that temperatures drop to record levels for long periods may span more than two years. The study added: "There will be no agricultural seasons ... but a real nuclear winter."

 Collapse of food production in the world by more than 90%, causing a global famine kill billions of hunger. In most countries, it will not live less than a quarter of the population by the end of the second year of the occurrence of this scenario. As will destroy the world's fish wealth and the collapse of the ozone layer.

 In most countries of the North from which the war according to this scenario, both survived the initial explosions will die of starvation later.

 "Monte Carlo"

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