Selena Gomez announces her desire to be engaged: I will accept anyone for marriage

Selena Gomez revealed the latest developments in her emotional state, and whether she is in a relationship or not, during her opening monologue on the final episode of Saturday Night Live.

I will accept anyone for marriage

Selena Gomez I will accept anyone for marriage 

 Selena Gomez, 29, left her fans in a daze because of her distinguished and professional performance during the episode that aired on May 14, stressing that she is single; That is why you find the program the most appropriate place to find a life partner, especially since many stars have met their second half in this place.

She cited Gomez actress Emma Stone as an example of her speech, where she met her husband in the program, as well as Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost, and Beth Davidson, and Machin Jen Kelly.

 He noted that they do not want to experience dating applications, but would like the experience on the ground, she fooling: "I would like to say I am looking for Habib, but at this stage I will accept any person."

 And immediately it came to her reply, the American singer Kyle Mooney has pointed out that it's OK to Medtha, to Tjiba Gomez "Are not you married?".

 It should be noted that Gomez had a relationship with Canadian singer Justin Bieber, where their relationship has taken the character of tension and instability, Vkana sometimes together and other separate throughout the period between 2011 and 2018, until finally divorced.

 Bieber shocked everyone when it announced its association with American fashion crossbar Hayley Baldwin, then married secretly, before the establishment of their wedding ceremony in 2019.

Gomez had talked about her relationship with Bieber years after their separation, following the release of her song Lose You To Love Me, noting that their relationship was "toxic", and she felt that she was the victim in the relationship, as she felt emotionally abused.

 She added, "As much as I've never wanted to talk about it all my life, I'm proud that I now feel stronger than before, and I managed to find my way through what happened and experience it with the best possible elegance."

 The artist explained that the song is not filled with hatred or hatred, but rather indicates that she experienced something beautiful, but difficult; And glad it ended.

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