Scandal Pfizer Their data shows that the 12% (not 95%) vaccine efficacy rate drops to less than 1% after 4 days!!!

 Pfizer were forced to release 80,000 pages of data yesterday. Their Q1 (profit) was $7.86 Billion. 
False claims that 1,200 died after suffering adverse reactions to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine have spread on social media. Above, a healthcare worker administers a Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine at the John Knox Village Continuing Care Retirement Community on January 6, 2021, in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Their data shows the vaccine having a 12% (NOT 95%) efficacy rate. Dropping to less than 1% after 4 days!!!

And they knew it was unsafe for pregnant women. Shameful

Pfizer Their data shows that the 12% (not 95%) vaccine efficacy rate drops to less than 1% after 4 days!!!

Misleading claims suggesting that more than 1,200 died after suffering adverse reactions to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine have once again been spread on social media.

What 'Pfizer Documents' Release Reveals

The phrase "Pfizer documents" became a prime trending topic on Twitter, thanks partly to a tweet announce by Georgia legislator Marjorie Taylor Henry Graham Greene, who antecedently had her personal Twitter account for good suspended for "repeated violations" of the social media site' COVID-19 information policy.

In her tweet, Greene shared a screenshot of a document discharged by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that she took as that means that 1,223 folks died throughout "Pfizer' post authorization adverse events" report. variety of different conservative figures conjointly posted why they're skeptical regarding the protection of the vaccinum with the #pfizerdocuments hashtag.

whereas the report mentioned adverse reactions to the vaccinum in an exceedingly 90-day amount and therefore the figures are genuine, the company has same the documents don't link the vaccine as being to blame for

The report states that of the billions of vaccines shipped worldwide between Dec 1, 2020, and Feb 28, 2021, there have been 42,086 according

These enclosed those that had absolutely recovered or are sick from COVID, those who recovered however still experiencing some symptoms, those not recovered at the time of the report, and therefore the 1,223 who are listed as "fatal."

The 1,223 fatalities listed within the report are among 158,893 adverse effects reports from health officers from across the world. The reason behind every fatality isn't verified and thus might also embrace those that had "various illnesses" reminiscent of cancer or vas disease, Pfizer representative

Elsewhere in the supposed "Pfizer documents" being misinterpreted online, the report over that the info doesn't reveal "any novel safety issues or risks requiring label changes" and supports a "favorable profit risk profile" for the vaccine.

The vaccinum Adverse Event reportage System, (VAERS) that is operated by the government agency {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} U.S. Centers for sickness management and interference (CDC), tracks reports of adverse problems involving the vaccine.

officers are tasked with reviewing post-vaccine deaths notwithstanding "it' unclear whether or not the vaccine was the cause," a proponent for the FDA told Reuters. "In fact, reviews by FDA and CDC have determined that the overwhelming majority of the deaths according don't seem to be directly owing to the vaccines."

further trials and analysis have also made links between the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinum and fatalities

Responding to the false claims current on social media, Irish cancer man of science Dr. David Robert Grimes tweeted: "Why is Pfizer trending? Short version: as a result of a bunch of plot half-wits with all the scientific, applied mathematics acumen of a very inept gnawing animal are, nonetheless again, incapable of understanding (a) what passive reportage is (b) basic fractions."

"That laurels conjointly goes for the collective clownshoes who crafted the hashtag #pfizerdocuments to showcase their absolute inability to break down technical documentation or trial data," Grimes added. "Sure why will we even want scientists once we have conspiracy theorists on the web eh?"

In December, country freelance fact-checking organization Full truth conjointly debunked claims the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinum encompasses a one in seventeen deathrate supported misinterpreted information from the "Pfizer documents."

variety of individuals on social media got wind of the figure once noting that 21,002 people had recovered to some extent after taking the vaccine. once you add the 1,223 fatalities, you get a complete of 21,325.

As 1,223 is around six p.c of 21,325, people incorrectly understood the info to mean you have got around a 1 in seventeen likelihood of dying once taking the vaccine. Full truth dominated the claim as false because the data doesn't mean that one in 17 those who received the Pfizer vaccines "died shortly afterward" as was being claimed.

"It implies that one in 17 reports, wherever the result wasn't unknown or the ill health was ongoing, was fatal," Full truth said.

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