Messi visits Saudi Arabia on a business mission

Messi visits Saudi Arabia on a business mission

  • Messi is visiting Saudi Arabia on business
  •  Saudi tourism minister announces Argentine star ambassador for tourism to the Kingdom
  •  This is the fourth visit to the star of Argentina to Saudi Arabia
Messi visits Saudi Arabia on a business mission
Messi hosted by the Minister of Tourism for Executive and Strategic Affairs in Saudi Arabia (Twitter)

 Conducted the Argentine star the world, Lionel Messi, the player Paris Saint-Germain, round, Tuesday, inside the historic Jeddah, hosted by Saudi officials.

 The Saudi Minister of Tourism, Ahmed al-Khatib, welcomed, Monday, visited Messi and his friends "to spend a special holiday exploring the treasures of the Red Sea and the season of Jeddah and its ancient history."

 The minister announced, the legendary Argentine ambassador to Saudi tourism, pointing out that this is not the first visit to the Kingdom.
She said Princess Haifa girl Mohammed Al Saud, Assistant Minister of Tourism Executive and Strategic Affairs, tweets through its account on Twitter, "Today I hosted the Argentine star and his friends on a tour of Jeddah's historic", adding that "the history of art and splendor of detail left the impression of a distinctive when our guests, Jeddah and its people take the hearts of its visitors from the first look. "
The ministry said that the move is to promote Saudi tourism, and provide more investment opportunities, and create many jobs, in addition to attracting tourists, and enrich the experience of visitors to Saudi Arabia. Visited Argentina star Saudi Arabia several times, starting in 2011, when a friendly match held between his team and his Saudi counterpart, as well as a match between Brazil and Argentina, and also the match between his former club Barcelona in front of Atletico Madrid during the half of the Super Cup final Spanish in 2020.

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