Lance Bass: A team member NSYNC making fun of Amber Heard on TikTok

A team member NSYNC making fun of Amber Heard on the Tech Talk
A team member NSYNC making fun of Amber Heard on the  TikTok

Joined by former team NSYNC Lance Bass to challenge the tradition of Amber Heard diffuse on the TikTok.

 Published singer Lance Pace passage which mimics a certificate actress ironically represents a story to tell in the background, saying:

 "I lost my balance and become on the edge of the couch when I was sitting next to Johnny, and I kept look at the carpet that I am sitting it and wonder why it is dirty in this way I did not know what I say and how I respond. "

It comes from her testimony Amber sentence in court when she was telling the story of the first time came under the domestic violence at the hands of her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The video has been removed from his page

Former NSYNC star Lance Bass deletes TikTok mocking Amber Heard after backlash

Johnny has filed a lawsuit against Amber Mthmha which accused him of defamation after the domestic violence and sexual abuse in an article on The Washington Post, without giving his name, claiming that the accusations have caused distortion of his reputation in Hollywood and reduce the chances.

 Lance Bass was a member of NSYNC band since 1995 to their separation in 2002, and the band famous songs such as Bye Bye Bye and I Want You Back, and It's Gonna Be Me and This I Promise You.
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