Johnny Depp laughing at Amber Heard crying in court... Recounted how jealousy raided very angry in front of his friends and shame Pfasagh's vast western region it

Amber Heard tells how Depp kicked and slapped her and accused her of cheating on him with an actor

Recounted how jealousy raided very angry in front of his friends and shame Pfasagh's vast western region it

 Entered American actress Amber Heard in affected severely, turn tears from her eyes, the second day of testimony before the Fairfax US Court of Virginia on Thursday, grapefruit that a bout of anger jealousy raided Jonidab, Frcklha and slapped her in front of his friends and the security team aboard a private plane they were traveling in May 2014 from Boston to Los Angeles.

 Said the amount of 36-year-old, said that Depp threw cubes snow and pots on them, after he accused her of having a relationship "treasonable" with American actor and producer James Franco famous doing the beginning of 2002 the role of "Harry Osborn" in 3 copies of sequences from the movie Spider-Man, adding that Depp, who "smells of hashish and alcohol" described in the plane Pfasagh in front of those who were on board.

Johnny Depp laughing at Amber Heard crying in court

And in front of them accusing them of Deeb also betrayal in 2014 with Franco, while filmed the movie The Adderall Diaries, which was released as the True Deception in the following year, and confirmed that Depp's 58-year "hated" Franco, and was convinced that they were associated emotionally do when their work in the 2008 film Pineapple Express and played the role of his hero Habiba, Canadian actor Seth Rogen, and in the video above more of what she said. According to Hurd Court that Depp arrived at the Boston airport runway four-wheel drive car, but he spent a "very long time" inside before boarding the plane, and that "darken" was clear in his eyes when the plane began to fly. She said that it could tell from the way they walk by Depp that he was not sober, "I knew in every cell that is what my body was not so good," according to the expression.
The actress described how Deeb began to reprimand her on the plane, and inquire about her sexual conditions with Franco, and he repeats "explicit sexual descriptions that accused me of I wanted or deserved it" so I left him and moved to the front of the plane to avoid him. She stated that after changing her seats "more than once" on the plane, she slapped her on her face while she was looking at the window.

He was "howling" in the bathroom

 Although the slap did not harm her, she said, she felt very embarrassed "because his friends were on the plane and they failed to intervene" and then tried to get out of her seat slowly "so that my movements would not anger him", so he became upset and asked her to hurry up and take her eyes away from him, then kicked her with his shoe in the back.

At the hearing, the court heard an audio tape, it was said that Hurd recorded on board the plane, a Deep "howling" after closing the door of the plane on the same bath. Then he told the court that it had decided after the flight separation with him. But what happened was exactly the opposite, they remained together, and then joined as in the marriage of 2015, it became clear that it was short-lived and ended in divorce two years later. Then there was a new, after I wrote Hurd, an article in the 2018 newspaper "Washington Post" American, described it herself that she was a victim of domestic with Depp violence, wroth hero movie Pirates Of the Caribbean five copy, which he read in the article and he called lies and responded to the tongue, and hired a number of lawyers, students Kadaha compensation of $ 50 million, saying he was a victim of one of the aggressor, which will be decided by "Fairfax" through court sessions is not known when it ends.

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