In the first interview... Melania Trump and "Bomb" return to the White House

In her first interview after Donald Trump left the White House, former US first lady Melania Trump hinted at a "potential return" to the White House.

 Trump said Melania Fox in an interview aired Sunday morning: "I think we have achieved a lot in four years of Trump's management."

 She said Melania "no less impossible" when asked whether they could live in the White House again.

 According to previous reports about the intention of Donald Trump to run for a second term, in the presidential election in 2024.

Discussed Melania Trump's reality not appear on the cover of Vogue magazine during her time in the White House, a decades-old tradition, it was resumed last year when the magazine put the first lady Jill Biden, on its cover.

 She said: "They are biased and have the admiration and hatred tendencies, and this is very clear."

 Melania Trump also touched on the case of the United States under President Joe Biden, saying: "I think it's sad to see what is happening, if you look deeply into the matter."

 Trump said Melania: "I think that many people are struggling and suffering and what is happening all over the world as well. So it is very sad to see it and I hope to change quickly."

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