Musk: Twitter's algorithms are manipulating users

Elon Musk said he was rigged platform for Twitter users through the time table algorithm on the site, resulting in a response from the former founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.

Musk: Twitter's algorithms are manipulating users

 This represents the latest development in the acquisition of the troubled holder of the company. In a new tweet, Musk indicated the need to replace the platform's default timeline, which displays tweets based on popularity and user interests.

 The Mask: is manipulated by your algorithm in ways that can not be detected. He asked his followers to fix the timeline to show the latest tweets by clicking on the star in the top right of the screen.

 Dorsey responded by disagreeing with Musk, saying the job was a way to keep followers informed of trending news and could easily be changed.

 Chirp Dorsey: designed to save time when away from the application for a period of time. Drag to update your return to the chronology of the reverse too.

 Lord Dorsey then on a tweet from another user said that the function is designed to manipulate, but can have consequences.

 He said Dorsey: No, were not designed to manipulate. Designed to help you view what you care about. It can therefore be unintended consequences. Dorsey argued that the best current option for the ability to choose is.

 Mask responded to himself after several hours, indicating that manipulation was not deliberate by Twitter. He said: I do not suggest the existence of intentional harm in the algorithm, but it is trying to guess what you might want to read it. As a result, they manipulate or inflate your views without being aware that this is happening.

 He added, not to mention possible errors in the code. Open source is the way to go to resolve both trust and efficacy.

 Twitter algorithm was a major discussion point holder, who wants to be open source to increase confidence in the platform, where he said that the acquisition of suspension pending the assertion that only 5% of the site accounts belong to the category of bots accounts mechanism.

Twitter founder is shown on the mask
 Mask doubted that the figure is higher, it takes a sample of 100 followers of a random Twitter account. When a user asked him to clarify the process of filtering bots accounts, he replied: I chose 100 as the number for the size of the sample, because this figure is what you use Twitter account for 5% of the fake accounts, spam and duplicate.

 Mask said he had not yet seen any analysis shows that social networking company has fake accounts for less than 5%, and there is a possibility that the number of counterfeit accounts for more than 90% of active users per day.

 Chief Executive Officer explained to Tesla electric car industry that the company's legal team accused him of violating Twitter non-disclosure agreement by revealing that the sample size for tests of social networking platform on robotics users was 100.

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