Anniversary of the founding of Great Britain، How did the UK take over India and Australia?

Anniversary of the founding of Great Britain

Anniversary of the founding of Great Britain

How does an island of 120,000 miles occupy 11 million miles, and 200,000 soldiers rule over 570 million people?

* How was an island of 120,000 square miles able to occupy an area of ​​11 million square miles?

How did 200 thousand soldiers control 570 million people?

On this day, Britain was founded, which turned from an island into an empire on which the sun never sets. The date of foundation was 05/1/1707 CE

The story of the British Empire is a unique story different from other empires in history, as it is not primarily a vast area and strategic depth, but was a modest island suffering from ethnic and religious divisions and conflicts, to turn into an empire on which the sun does not set.

It has proven that the power of weapons and the army alone is not sufficient to control hundreds of millions of people and vast areas of land. For example, the figures say that the number of British officials who ruled India is only 1,000, and they controlled the lives of more than 400 million Indians, and in Africa, 1200 officials. Englishmen control the colonies of England in Africa, extending from Egypt to Nigeria to South Africa.

As for the answer to this historical case, I will summarize it in the following points:

1- Inner unity: finding a formula for unity in 1707 AD when the English, Scottish and Welsh nationalities were transformed into British on the basis of neither victor nor vanquished, and a flag was made to unite and include them. At the same time, the powers of competent men are controlled.

2- Prosperity: Britain was the first country in the world to achieve industrial renaissance. Since the middle of the eighteenth century, the agricultural revolution has been launched, which has led to an improvement in the standard of living of the rural population, so they have increased their demand for the use of advanced agricultural equipment and the adoption of part of their savings in the development of industrial projects. The agricultural revolution and the introduction of machines and modern methods of exploitation also led to the control of large properties and the dispensation of a significant percentage of agricultural workers, thus providing a cheap and abundant labor force for factories, and this also achieved for them new inventions that ensured global supremacy, the most important of which was the invention of the steam machine that mechanized the industry. Textiles, fabrics and train making.

3- Political shrewdness: Britain has dealt with the countries of the world with a high level of cunning, benefiting from the struggle of Napoleon and the Russians, Napoleon III and the Prussians, the Ottoman Empire, Russia and many others, and was able to shrewdly control the papers of pressure and interests and control over countries that were weakened because of it or because of others, so it did not enter War only after victory is guaranteed.

4- Indirect rule: Britain used in its colonies the weak souls of the local leaders, and guaranteed their loyalty by some inducement, financial bribes, titles, honors, and the purchase of debts, with some fear of punishment or removal from office, to be agents of the British colonizer, achieving its interests at the expense of the interests of the country and the people For some rewards.

5- Subordinate armies: building subordinate armies, for example, there was an army in India consisting of approximately 100 thousand Indians, but it worked for the colonizer, and even killed and oppressed the Indians if they tried or demanded independence.

6- The dazzled: Creating a class of educated and dazzled people in Britain, through propaganda, media, and foreign schools that make generations of slaves for them, and all their reference and dreams are Britain, its aristocracy and its tradition, and that slavery of minds guarantees slavery to the economy, politics, the army and everything.

7- Divide and rule: Britain worked to create divisions within the peoples it rules, to use them as cards to control the people in the event of their rebellion, and it was credited with creating new religions and sects, as well as in supporting ethnic minorities, or in charging the different categories of the elements of one people.

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