Amber Heard's testimony in the Johnny Depp case turns into a challenge on "Tik Tok"

It topped the certificate actress Amber Heard in the case of Johnny Depp Altrend on the application of "Tech Talk" after the pioneers around the application to more than mocking challenge.
Amber Heard's testimony in the Johnny Depp case turns into a challenge on "Tik Tok"

Amber Heard's testimony in the Johnny Depp case turns into a challenge on "Tik Tok"

Some users re-enacted the actress' testimony about being subjected to violence by Depp, others danced to the audio of her testimony, many of them garnering millions of views and likes.

 A fan user of Johnny Depp posted a video featuring the actress's testimony while Kim Kardashian commented, "That's disgusting, you're guilty," and the video has garnered more than 5 million likes.

@sansanjovs A fun little web we’re spinning #justiceforjohnnydepp #amberturd #makeitstop #badacting ♬ original sound - San S

This has Hachtaj #AmberTurd (Ambre issued foolish) Altrend and collect more than a billion and a half to watch now, including 10 million watch video from Alanflonsr business woman Sangha Jay, a show in which he held Amber testimony ironically where changed some words.

@.johnnydepp1 So cringe, guilty#johnnydepp #justiceforjohnnydepp #jacksparrow #foryou #viral #90s #likes ♬ Amber heard guilty abuser - Justice for Johnny depp !

Site "Tech Talk" Management revealed that it has canceled a number of these passages, which the company considered a violation of the rules to prevent bullying, which forbid any offensive content for victims of violence and any content intended to ridicule or belittle individuals of individuals. "

Each satirical video has not thrown the same fate of Amber, and still a lot of sections exist on the application, which received criticism from the pioneers of social networking sites who consider it important to reduce such as the issue of domestic violence and violence against women.

 Among the claims was turned into Amber joke on Tactouk it is that Johnny Depp had sexually assaulted her, and initiated a number of women in the use of glorifying section than did Johnny Depp. One wrote followers on Twitter: "She talks about being sexually harassed and they scoff at it. What people sermons hell?"

He wrote another: "No matter how you feel about the issue, this is Altrend very dangerous people and knows that it is normal to make fun of the allegations of abuse."

It is noteworthy that Johnny Depp is suing Hurd for libel, demanding $ 50 million compensation after they accused him of assaulting her in 2018.

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