Amber Heard reveals a secret: This is what Johnny Depp did to me on my honeymoon

He returned the controversial duo, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to the witness stand in Virginia, where the jury members consider defamation suit filed by former couple against each other.
Amber Heard reveals a secret: This is what Johnny Depp did to me on my honeymoon
Amber Heard before the jury in court - Reuters

Amber.. This is what Johnny Depp did to me on my honeymoon

In the new case, which has preoccupied the world public opinion, he informed the American actress blonde, a jury, on Monday, that her husband, former champion "Pirates Akaraaba" paid to the crash in the wall of Wolf T-shirt around her neck during the honeymoon in 2015, when they were on a fast train.

Wines And Drugs ..

 Also he explained that "their relationship was dominated by love when it is deep in the consciousness, but he often was acting violently when drinking alcohol or taking drugs," as quoted by US media.

 Heroine of the film "Aquaman" and continued that "slapped her on her face and Rtmha repeatedly in the wall in a cart sleep train", the jury was informed that disarmament of his shirt and wrapped it around her neck.
Johnny Depp in court - Reuters
Johnny Depp in court - Reuters

The agency: "I woke up the next morning and the shirt was still around my neck and there was a large swelling in the back of my head."

 He married duo in the month of February of the year 2015, and spent their honeymoon aboard the Orient Express in the month of July of that year, after Depp finished filming the fifth series of films Pirates of the Caribbean, which was the hero.

 In contrast, Depp testified earlier, as confirmed that Hurd did not hit at all, and said it was from resorting to violence in their relationship.


 Depp is suing, aged 58 years, Hurd, aged 36 years, in a defamation suit demanding compensation worth $ 50 million, saying it tarnished his reputation when he claimed she was a victim of domestic violence.

 On the other hand, it filed a lawsuit counter Hurd asking $ 100 million, saying that Depp tarnished its reputation through and described as false.

 Hollywood star said that the allegations made him lose Hurd, "everything," commented the new part of the Pirates of the Caribbean, and was replaced by Depp in the film series "Vantacetk Bates" or fantastic monsters, which is an extension of the film series, "Harry Potter."

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