Amber Heard pulled from Signatures petition pull Amber Heard from Aquaman hits record hits record

  • Amber Heard is in danger
  • Punishment by the masses
  • Signatures petition pull Amber Heard from Aquaman hits record

Amber Heard is in dangerAmber Heard is in dangerPunishment by the masses

Amber Heard pulled from Aquaman hits record , A British citizen named "Jane Larson" petition on the famous site, established immediately after that has been reported to the exclusion of Johnny Depp, playing the role of Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts series, where calls for this institution petition to the exclusion of the role of Amber Heard "Mira" in the movie Aquaman.

 Punishment by the masses

Signatures petition pull Amber Heard from Aquaman hits record

It shows that the couple "Johnny Depp" and "Amber Heard" were two toxic relationship led to a negative impact on them. However, during the legal battle to resume from Monday, fans play a crucial role in influencing public opinion through interaction in social networking sites.

 A few weeks ago, I began to "Jane Larson", a petition against Ambre, intended to remove the actress from her role "Princess Mira" in the movie Aquaman, Interestingly, it was thought that the proposal echo will not succeed only among cinema lovers, who were numbered on tiptoe, not by the end of April, he got millions of signatures on the petition, where everyone agreed on the need to exclude loose "Johnny Depp" of the film.

 Amber Heard is in danger

Lawyers for the actress said that the petition is a campaign created to influence the image of "Amber Heard" in a negative way, it is clear that it was organized by the close of Johnny Depp people, but after a few weeks of this statement came out by lawyers for Hurd, it exceeded the petition against Hurd 4 million and 150 thousand signatures, so the belief that someone pays money to force more people to sign the petition is not true.

 So far, no comment by any member of the Warner Bros company about it, and indicate the earliest information that the role of the old actress, 36, has been reduced in terms of the number of scenes that show where, where "Hurd" will not appear for more than 10 minutes in the film, according to Forbes magazine. But the only thing that is clear even today, is that the film will be released in March next year.

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