After failing to guard against the "robot" .. ironic wave of Messi

After failing to guard against the "robot" .. ironic wave of Messi ,Described as a football star Alorzinata, Lionel Messi, one of the greatest players in history, but the "flea" failed recently in a goal from a penalty in the goal guarded by a robot "robot".

The pay-kick Messi during his visit, recently, the Museum of Olympic sports in the Qatari capital Doha, along with several of his colleagues in Paris St Germain.

 According to the newspaper "Daily Mail", the player who has scored 764 goals in his career, and won the Golden Ball seven times, he could not score in the range of the robot that saved the ball super fast.

Messi, 34, aimed the ball towards the top of the goal, but the robot quickly managed to block it, preventing it from reaching the net.

 Messi was wearing a Paris Saint-Germain shirt when he came to the museum and took the penalty kick, which was met with a wide wave of interaction and ridicule on social media platforms.

 Messi appeared smiling after his failure to score, while cynics said that the Argentine player could no longer even score against the "robot".

Another commentator took advantage of Messi's failure to score, saying, "For this reason, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best football player in history."

 But fans of Messi made it clear that it comes to artificial intelligence, and pay only a symbolic, but when it comes to confrontations spherical actual Hacmah, the "flea" is still able to scourge Hassan shook afforded to counter opponents, according to the saying.

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