A love letter from Amber Heard may save Johnny Depp... And Her Involvement ( love words)

  • "It is my life and my heart."
  •  love words

Emerged over the past few hours, new details on the dual issue of Hollywood's famous controversial, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, what may turn the equation for the star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and the involvement of the blonde girl.
A love letter from Amber Heard may save Johnny Depp... and her involvement

A love letter from Amber Heard may save Johnny Depp... and her involvement

  • In a new defamation suit filed by former couple against each other in a court in Virginia, Depp's lawyers tried to discredit the allegations heroine of the film "Aquaman" on insulting treatment, on Tuesday.

Lawyers for the judiciary also provided a knife was offered him a star Hurd film series Pirates of the Caribbean in 2012 in addition to a love letter written by him.

 And it directed the lawyer Camille Vasquez asked for Hurd, saying: "This is the knife that you gave to the man who is drunk and become violent to you?

 The blonde actress replied, saying, "This is the knife made by him a gift, yes," adding that she did not think it Satanha him.

 love words

 While, Depp's lawyer read passages from a diary Hurd said that the couple was retained for the exchange of expressions of love.

 To prove that Hurd wrote in May 2015 two months after the injury of deep wound in his finger as a result of dumped bottle it, "true love is not just about insanely passion or choose peace safety, it's about CPO."

  •  She added, "I still, perhaps more than ever, I want Tmaziqk and Althamk and your taste."

 In another excerpt after the honeymoon in July 2015 aboard the Orient Express, Hurd said she 
"can not imagine a honeymoon more splendid," she said. "I love you more and more every day that passes."

"It is my life and my heart."

 The actress said in previous testimony that Depp has become violent towards them by that time. As she said during a session Monday that her ex-husband in a wall Rtmha Wolf T-shirt around her neck during the honeymoon trip.

A month later, Hurd wrote says Depp is the "corner stone in her life, but not her heart, and all I have."

 As she wrote in "You are my life. I hate it when they bicker. I hate to Ojrg. I love you more than anything else."

When asked about those phrases overflowing with love and emotions inflamed, she tried to "find the greatest possible peace" and that "when things are so good relations become really good."

 In his testimony, Deeb said that Hurd threw it once a bottle of alcohol, injuring the middle finger in his right hand. While denied Hurd injured his finger, she just hit him to defend herself or her sister.

The representatives were married in February 2015 and was completed nearly two years after their divorce.

 Depp is suing, aged 58 years, Hurd, aged 36 years, in a defamation suit demanding compensation worth $ 50 million, saying it tarnished his reputation when he claimed she was a victim of domestic violence.

 On the other hand, it filed a lawsuit counter Hurd asking $ 100 million, saying that Depp tarnished its reputation through and described as false.

 The Hollywood star claims that his ex-wife made him lose "everything", commented the new part of the Pirates of the Caribbean, and was replaced by Depp in the film series "Vantacetk Bates" or fantastic monsters, which is an extension of the film series, "Harry Potter."

 It is noteworthy that, due to the conclusion of the proceedings in May present 27.

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