Experts reveal Amber Heard's cunning with body movements during testimony

Experts reveal Amber Heard's cunning with body movements during testimony

Experts reveal Amber Heard's cunning with body movements during testimony

  • A controversial testimony to American actress Amber Heard, witnessed the courtroom in California, during the expected appearance against her case her divorced husband Johnny Depp.

 The "body language" experts said Hurd movements during the long testimony, revealed things a lot, are not revealed during her testimony.

  •  Hurd spoke in front of millions across the world, an impressive way, and moments of crying, he did not convince many, during her talk about the memories of the abuse suffered by Depp.

 The actress had an adult 36 years old, the opportunity finally to face charges of her former husband, that he was a victim of domestic violence, where it was mentioned how Johnny Depp frequently violent towards her.

  •  Said Judy James, an expert in body language, the newspaper "Daily Mail" the British, it is difficult to read the feelings of representatives, where both representatives know how to play the role of the victim in front of the public.

 But minor movements or expressions, can reveal their true feelings, even if they did not fully reveal their guilt or innocence.

The language of the body of Amber reveal a lot

  •  During the televised testimony, the actress portrayed her feelings by appearing like crying and wiping her nose, without crying reality, which means they may exaggerate the reaction or lie in her, in an attempt to propitiation the jury.

 Judy said that her hands were Gestures "compatible" with her words, and these are usually "a sign of honesty," or movements are trained them very much with her legal team.

 Expert body language said that Amber Heard used clever techniques to get closer to the jury and the judge, when they sometimes answer was looking at them, as if they speak to them, as they were smiling to the judge continuously Astattafh, as they pushed aside her hair to the left, so that the jury see her face completely.

 The expert stressed: 

"We tend to put our trust in the person more when we can see expressions of his eyes, because the movement of direct consideration refers to the truth, which is what you do with the jury Amber."

 In contrast, Johnny Depp sat during the hearing, his eyes convex Mokhtbitan colorful, or staring writing glasses or speaking only with his lawyer.

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