Rollideo, create an audio or dubbed video, just enter text and it will be converted into a clip

 Creating great videos with just a few clicks is now available through Rollideo, which will create an audio commentary or audio dubbing in Arabic or any other language. In this new explanation, all you have to do is enter your text in the program or website provided for the service, after This will convert your text into a video.

A site to create a dubbed video clip from text input 

Rollideo is a practical service for creating a video clip from entering texts, with dubbing accompanied by different languages, including Arabic, the site allows you to create amazing videos with just a few clicks and without much effort. In addition to choosing between a variety of backgrounds to add in the video or you can select a photo background of your choice.

Make audio videos just by typing text

Visit the site and then, in the text input field, you can add your own text content

Below, as above, you can select the appropriate background for the video, as well as the option to customize the appearance of the text that appears in the video.

After you are done, you will click on the Launch the video generation option and wait for some time for the private video to be uploaded.

Rollideo website link

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