How to remove shadows from any image on Samsung phones

 If you take a close-up of a document, for example, without using a flash, you will find that the shadow of your hands and phone appears on the paper, which can spoil the photo, with the advancement of artificial intelligence techniques it has become possible to remove shadows from photos easily. Which can be done in modern Samsung phones without any external applications through a new feature in the studio application where last February two new features were added, Shadow eraser to remove shadows and Reflection eraser to remove light reflections from the image of the latest version of Samsung Gallery application.

How to remove shadows from any image on Samsung phones

- Update the Samsung Gallery app, open it and choose the image you want to remove shadows from.

- Then click on the (pen) icon below to open the photo editing interface?

- Then press the More options button ( ⁝ ) and from the list click on "Labs" where you will find the "Shadow eraser" tool and also "Reflection eraser" as experimental tools that you must activate from here to appear with the photo-editing tools

After activating the new tools, return to the image editing interface.

- And press the More options button ( ⁝ ) and from the list choose "Object eraser".

Then press the "Erase shadows" button and wait for the image to be analyzed and the message "Erase shadows" appears to get an amazing result.

Thus, you may have completed removing the shadows, anything visible in the images on Samsung phones without external applications, with a small note. The results will vary according to each image and the clarity of the shadow in it.

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