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Rollideo, create an audio or dubbed video, just enter text and it will be converted into a clip

 Creating great videos with just a few clicks is now available through Rollideo, which will create an audio commentary or audio dubbing in Arabic or any other language. In this new explanation, all you have to do is enter your text in the program or website provided for the service, after This will convert your text into a video. A site to create a dubbed video clip from text input  Rollideo is a practical service for creating a video clip from entering texts, with dubbing accompanied by different languages, including Arabic, the site allows you to create amazing videos with just a few clicks and without much effort. In addition to choosing between a variety of backgrounds to add in the video or you can select a photo background of your choice. Make audio videos just by typing text Visit the site and then, in the text input field, you can add your own text content Below, as above, you can select the appropriate background for the video, as well as the option to customize the appearance

Profit from tik tok, ways to get money from your content on tiktok with conditions

TikTok ranks as the 6th most used social media platform worldwide, with over 1 billion active users as of January 2022. This is a big market. Can you make money on TikTok? The short answer is: Yes, you'll be able to make money on TikTok How to make money on TikTok The platform allows you to induce from 0.02 to 0.03 dollars per 1000 views. Although this profit will be considered small, it must be taken into consideration that a bit like you, there are thousands of users on Tik Tok who also want to urge paid from this platform. Profit from users' support for you Another alternative to creating money with Tik Tok is thru direct ways within which you'll be able to get tips from users who have marked your profile as a favorite. Tips are represented by coins, which is able to be awarded to you while playing the live stream. this manner will only be profitable if you have got loyal followers who are willing to pay to look at you. If you'll be able to accumulate 3,125 coins wit

How to remove shadows from any image on Samsung phones

 If you take a close-up of a document, for example, without using a flash, you will find that the shadow of your hands and phone appears on the paper, which can spoil the photo, with the advancement of artificial intelligence techniques it has become possible to remove shadows from photos easily. Which can be done in modern Samsung phones without any external applications through a new feature in the studio application where last February two new features were added, Shadow eraser to remove shadows and Reflection eraser to remove light reflections from the image of the latest version of Samsung Gallery application. - Update the Samsung Gallery app, open it and choose the image you want to remove shadows from. - Then click on the (pen) icon below to open the photo editing interface? - Then press the More options button ( ⁝ ) and from the list click on "Labs" where you will find the "Shadow eraser" tool and also "Reflection eraser" as experimental tools that

Use the complete Wikipedia encyclopedia offline without the Internet on your computer or phone with this tool - Kiwix

Wikipedia is an international encyclopedia that contains most of the information you are looking for, and it is the first thing that appears to you when you search. If you go to a place where the Internet is not available on your device, there is a way by downloading the Kiwix tool. To use the encyclopedia, you must provide an Internet connection, and Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based, free content encyclopedia operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that allows any user to edit, edit, and create new articles on the encyclopedia. In March 2009, Wikipedia had 15 million articles. Written in approximately 292 languages, and at the present time, the number of articles reaches more than 20 million articles, 5 million of which are in English, and the encyclopedia is a treasure trove of knowledge for all Internet users. What is Kiwix? It is a program specially prepared for reading Wikipedia without the need for an internet connection and the program does not cont

Chicago at Detroit Preview: Tigers seem to be to clinch opening collection on Saturday

 The Detroit Tigers commenced off the 2022 marketing campaign with a wild win over the journeying Chicago White Sox on Friday afternoon, mounting a late-inning comeback to grasp a 5-4 victory after starter Eduardo Rodríguez stumbled out of the gates. While it used to be clearly a nail-biter for the fans, some grasp hitting — which include a two-RBI single for Miguel Cabrera’s hit No. 2,988, as properly a deep jack from Eric Haase and a hit off the outfield wall simply above the defender’s glove with two outs in the ninth with the aid of Javier Baez — used to be ample for the boys in the Olde English D to prevail. Plenty of savings additionally goes to the bullpen, led by using Drew “Clutch” Hutchison who stymied the Sox bats with a heavy weight loss plan of breaking balls lengthy ample to get the Tigers deep into the late innings besides tacking onto the deficit. It was the sort of sport that makes one grateful that baseball is back. Hard to ask for a greater ideal Opening Day. Now Det

Tiger Woods has introduced a acquainted roar returned to the Masters Tournament

 One 12 months after looking at from a clinic bed, Tiger Woods will play in the Masters Tournament this weekend. His very presence has been ample to electrify crowds in Augusta, Ga., 25 years after his first Masters championship. "Now using — Tiger Woods!" direction officers announce in the tee box, putting off roars from the crowed that have been solely eclipsed by way of their understanding for Woods' putting. He drained a 29-foot putt for birdie on the par-3 sixteenth hole, after looking at an in the past birdie putt lip out of the gap on 5. Tiger Woods is off and running in Round 2 🐅 Watch #themasters on @ESPNPlus ➡️ — ESPN (@espn) April 8, 2022 A Tiger roar on No. 16. #themasters — The Masters (@TheMasters) April 7, 2022 "To end in the purple these days after as lengthy a layoff as I've had and now not being in aggressive golf — I do not without a doubt think about a [