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How to create an email on the Petal Mail service from Huawei - Steps to create a Petal Mail

Huawei launched its search engine under the name Petal Search and placed services such as Petal Maps, such as HMS, HMS Core, and AppGallery, and now it has worked on its own email under the name petalmail, a modern service launched by Huawei last year to compete with the services of Google, especially after the launch of its Harmony OS. What is petalmail?  It is an e-mail service affiliated with Huawei's global mobile services, as it provides you with mail or e-mail in your own name, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo outlook and others.  The service enables you to log in with the Huawei account available on its phones. Huawei has already started testing the alternative to its Gmail in China and users can register now, to get it via the email ID Petal Mail has a very simple interface.  The Petal Mail interface is divided into two sections, the first section includes all emails in the user's inbox, the second section includes the email specified in the expanded form