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How to block abusive comments and anti-bullying on TikTok

TikTok V recently provided two new features that help the user to block offensive and harmful comments, and before that in December 2020 it began implementing stronger policies to combat bullying and cyberbullying.  The application (TikTok)  is one of the social networking applications that have very high rates of prevalence of bullying and bullying directed at content makers, especially teenagers, so the company began implementing many new strategies to combat bullying and reduce it to maintain the safety of application users.  How to combat bullying: Prevent swearing and insulting in TikTok: 1- New comment approval feature in the TikTok app:  It has expanded the feature as the app can now hide all new comments in posts until the user reviews and approves them, as messages that he generally approves of will appear in the comments section, while comments that the user ignore will be permanently blocked.  TikTok previously provided a feature that allows users to filter comments by key

6 YouTube channel causes hypnosis to relax you and get away from reality for a while

If you live on Planet Earth, you might be in some circumstances nervous for some reason. This is why it is good to detach a bit from reality, at least for a few minutes or hours, and try to relax and clear your mind.  If you can't leave the house, you can always take advantage of the internet. YouTube in particular can provide you with a window in which you can look at something different to get out of the routine, get rid of boredom, exercise, or relax a little while you are at home.  Here is a list of YouTube channels that broadcast videos where no one is usually talking.Some of them may sound strange, but for some they hypnosis enough to relax.   RailCowGirl  That was a recommendation from Owen Williams on YouTube and an inspiration to put together this list. It is simply a channel that shows live broadcasts and recordings of a train traveling along the lines of Norway. nothing else. The view in first person and the scenery are beautiful and relaxing, and it is very easy t

The best Russian number work site to activate WhatsApp and Telegram SMS - Russian and Ukraine numbers site 2021

In this post, we offer you a new Russian number site, a Russian numbers site 2021, through which you can activate Telegram and any social networking site such as Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp Viber and others, and the best Russian number work site to activate fake WhatsApp as a number from Russia +7. Ease of activation of social networking applications. Russian numbers site 2021 A number from Russian +7 from the site with ease to activate social networking applications. Through this site, you can get a new Russian number and through it you can use the number to activate WhatsApp, Facebook, or any of the well-known communication sites that most users face from the problems of requesting the application for a number so that it can work on it.    The Russian numbers site is easy to use and you will not face any difficulties in working on it. All you have to do is follow the full explanation in order to learn how to obtain a Russian number for activation.  Explanation of gett

Everything Google knows about you in one page | All your information has

they know everything about you more than yourself and your parents. The search and technology giant Google is also a giant that stores your personal data and everything you do on Android phones, iPhone or computer through the ads settings page because you simply use its services from searching on the web, YouTube, drive and a lot more. It's all in her stock, and this knowledge is what she uses to show personalized ads. All of this information is based on the personal profile Google has for all of us, and there is a page that helps get an idea of ​​what this profile looks like.  Everything depends on the ads settings page. It is possible to see hundreds of categories of different topics, the categories that attract our attention from what Google stores about us.  Once you enter, you will find huge amounts of data and information that Google knows about you, including:  Your approximate age and language.  - And your interests by categories. -Your maps, games, and apps