Learn how to hide Chrome browser notifications when screen sharing with Google's new feature

When you share your screen with others in a meeting they can see everything that appears on this screen, which means that when web notifications appear they can see it, sometimes it might be a random news notification from Google, but other times it could be something personal like a message from A friend on WhatsApp that you do not want anyone to see, thus this feature represents a risk to your privacy.
Google decided to introduce a new feature that automatically hides the content of pop-up web notifications in the Chrome browser during screen sharing, and once the meeting is completed, the notifications are enabled again automatically, including: (Google Chat) notifications, email notifications and external websites.
 When the screen sharing feature is active, Chrome will still alert you that you have received a notification, but its contents will be hidden. When you are done sharing the screen, you will be able to view anything you missed through Gmail, Google Drive, or through any third-party websites that send notifications to you via Chrome.

People can disable push notifications in the browser before the meeting starts, but that is a problem in itself since we are using video calls now throughout the day, it will be very difficult to turn off notifications every day before the meeting starts and enable them again after the meeting ends. You might forget to do that, too.

 The new Chrome feature works with communication applications that support the screen sharing feature, such as: Messenger, Zoom, Discord, and Microsoft Teams - in the desktop and mobile version.

 How to enable Chrome notifications while sharing screen:

  •  Open your device's Chrome browser.
  •  Copy this link: chrome://flags:
  •  Open a new window and then paste it into the address bar.
  •  Then press the Enter button on the keyboard.

  • In the search box above, type or copy: (mute notifications during screen share).
  •  -Click on the drop-down menu next to the option (mute notifications during screen share), then choose (Enabled).
  •  - Click on the option (Restart) Relaunch that appears in the lower left corner, and this will restart the Chrome browser again to apply the changes.

It should be noted that Google has introduced in the Chrome browser some new tools to make it easier to set the camera during meetings. If you use an external camera that supports panning, tilting, zooming in and out, Chrome browser can now access these controls.

 Instead of using software from the camera manufacturer, you can control the camera directly through Chrome. However, the location of the app from which you are making the call can access the controls only if you grant them permission.

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