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How to upload High resolution HD videos in TikTok app

You may see clips that you upload to low-resolution  TikTok and ask, How to / upload HD videos in the TikTok app, this is what we will provide for you in this post if you want your videos to look better.  Where we find the low quality of the videos you download in the application is due to the fact that the download settings in the application are set by default to download the videos at normal resolution. This is to improve the user experience by downloading videos in normal quality to speed up the download process. How to adjust download settings so that you can download videos in HD quality, and to do so follow these steps:  Open the TikTok application on your phone.  On the main screen, tap the (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.  Record a video clip or upload a video that is already in your phone as you normally would.  Edit the video clip, by adding text, animations, filters and other effects as you like.  After completing, click on the Next option at the bottom right of the

Learn how to hide Chrome browser notifications when screen sharing with Google's new feature

When you share your screen with others in a meeting they can see everything that appears on this screen, which means that when web notifications appear they can see it, sometimes it might be a random news notification from Google, but other times it could be something personal like a message from A friend on WhatsApp that you do not want anyone to see, thus this feature represents a risk to your privacy. Google decided to introduce a new feature that automatically hides the content of pop-up web notifications in the Chrome browser during screen sharing, and once the meeting is completed, the notifications are enabled again automatically, including: (Google Chat) notifications, email notifications and external websites.  When the screen sharing feature is active, Chrome will still alert you that you have received a notification, but its contents will be hidden. When you are done sharing the screen, you will be able to view anything you missed through Gmail, Google Drive, or through

How to share paid apps on iPhone with anyone for free

You can share your purchases from the Apple store with other iPhone users using the Apple Family Sharin service, which is similar to the Google Family Sharing service, which is also available exclusively for Android users. We inform you on this method of sharing paid iPhone applications with any Someone for free. In this case, you will not need to purchase the same app multiple times, instead you can use Apple Family Sharing service to share your app purchases with up to 6 other people for free without sharing your account information with them, this includes;  Access to apps, games, movies, TV shows, and paid books.  It is a very useful option if your family or friends have multiple iOS devices.  You can also share App Store, iTunes, and Apple Books purchases, an Apple News subscription, and an iCloud storage plan.  The option also enables sharing of photo albums, family calendars, and locations if you wish.  Family Sharing works on iOS 8 or later, and each member must have their ow