Vaccine Tracker | A site for monitoring the rate of inoculation with Corona vaccines in any country around the world.

With the start of the Coronavirus vaccination, we offer you a website where you can monitor the vaccinations against the Coronavirus COVID-19 all over the earth, as the Corona pandemic that struck the world at the beginning of last year 2020 put the scientific community in trouble to develop an effective vaccine against this epidemic That afflicted millions. However, this was achieved with success as currently, Sputnik V from Russia and Pzifer-BioNtech are being applied in different countries around the world.
Vaccine Tracker, a real-time monitoring site that shows us the amount of vaccines applied in every country in the world.
 This site is similar to the site that monitors the spread of the pandemic around so, at this time, we can rely on a similar tool but to monitor inoculations against COVID-19.

 Vaccine Tracker presents in a very simple and friendly way. When entering the page, we will see a map of the world, and it is sufficient to just place the cursor on any country to see the percentage of vaccination. But the information doesn't stop there, if we scroll down a little bit, we'll see an organized list from top to bottom of the countries that are pollinating.

 If you want to know how the COVID-19 vaccination process is going in the country you live in, take a look at the Vaccine Tracker for easy information.

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