Twitter permanently suspends Trump's account, and Google Apple is removing the Parler app

  Twitter suspended the account of the outgoing US President "Donald Trump" forever.
 Twitter indicated that his tweets violated the policy of glorifying violence, and as an encouragement to those who are likely to contemplate acts of violence during the inauguration of President-elect "Joe Biden" by Trump supporters.

 The number of Trump followers has exceeded 88 million, but Twitter said that the accounts of officials and world leaders "are not above our rules" and they cannot use Twitter to incite violence.

 After the Trump account was deleted, Twitter suspended pro-Trump accounts, including former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and the account of legal team member Sidney Powell.

 Google deletes Parler app due to lack of censorship:
 While Google removed the social networking application Parler from its Android store, where the company explained:

“In order to protect user safety on Google Play, our long-standing policies require that apps that display user-generated content have supervision and enforcement policies that remove explicit content such as posts that incite violence. All developers agree to these terms and Parler has reminded us of this clear policy in months We are aware of the ongoing deployment of Parler app seeking to incite ongoing violence in the US We understand that there can be reasonable discussion about content policies and that it may be difficult for apps to remove all infringing content immediately, but for us to distribute An application via Google Play, we require applications to implement robust stewardship of explicit content. In light of this ongoing and urgent threat to public safety, we suspend app listings from the Play Store until these issues are resolved. "
 The conservative platform gained attention this week after leaflets emerged detailing threats of violence and planning the chaotic riots at the Capitol on Tuesday that killed 5 people, including a Capitol police officer. As more mainstream social media sites race to remove violent content related to riots, the threats of death and violence have been easy to find on the Parler platform.

 On Friday, Buzzfeed News reported that Parler had received a message from Apple informing it that the app would be removed from the App Store within 24 hours unless the company provided an update with its oversight improvement plan. John Matzi, CEO of Parler, confirmed the action from Apple in a post on his Parler account where he posted a screenshot of the notification from Apple.

  "We want to be clear that Parler is, in fact, responsible for all user generated content at your service and for ensuring that this content meets the App Store requirements for our users' safety and protection," text from the screenshot. “We will not distribute apps that provide dangerous and harmful content.

  The app remains available on the App Store, although users are currently complaining about technical issues.

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