Why Apple's AirPods Max cost 200 $ more than its competitors?

Last week, Apple announced headphones (AirPods Max) AirPods Max, but the first thing that users noticed was not the elegant design of the headphones or the new features, but rather their very high price, coming at a price of $ 549, which is about $ 170 higher than the price of Headphones 700 from Bose at launch, and $ 200 more for the WH-1000XM4 from Sony.

 The price difference increases significantly, given that both previous headphones are now on sale at $ 339 and $ 279, respectively, so the gap between the AirPods Max and its two largest competitors is currently $ 210 and $ 270, respectively.

 Hence, we find that Apple is required to justify this high price, given that its competing headphones are very good and offer most of the features that they offer at a very lower price.

So today we will review the most prominent features in the AirPods Max that made Apple offer at this price, as well as its most prominent shortcomings:

 1- AirPods Max design looks customized for you:
 Apple designed the AirPods Max headphones to make you feel comfortable and look tailored to you, for example: the ergonomic design and frame made of mesh-fabric headphones help distribute weight more evenly than the Bose 700 or Sony XM4, despite the heavy weight of Apple headphones. relatively.

 It also comes with another feature is the ear lining made of rubber sponge specially designed to isolate sound to provide you with a gentle insulation that envelops you in an amazing sound, in addition to that, the two adjustable arms extend smoothly and hold in place so that you feel comfortable with them and enjoy the highest degree of sound insulation.

2- Computer Sound Processing:
 AirPods Max work with two H1 chips designed by Apple, each chip integrated into each earcup, and with a special audio design and advanced software that enables them to use computational audio to provide a unique listening experience. The computational sound, with 10 acoustic cores inside each chip, blocks outside noise, adapting the sound to the snug fit of the earlobe.

 As these chipsets help operate everything from adaptive equalizer and active noise cancellation to spatial audio feature, basically, the headphones are able to adjust sound in real time based on various factors, including: the fit of the earbuds.

 3- Best Headphone Noise Canceling Technology So Far:
 Apple offers highly advanced features in its headphones to justify the exorbitant price, including: The best noise-canceling technology yet, as each part of the headphones contains three external-facing microphones to detect ambient noise, and one microphone inside the headphone cover to monitor the sound that reaches your ear.

And by using the algorithmic sound process by the H1 chip, noise cancellation continuously adapts to the position and movement of the headphones in real time. Hence, the main difference between headphones from Apple, Bose and Sony is that the computer audio technology in the AirPods Max is constantly adapting to the movement.

 4- spatial sound feature:
 Apple's Spatial Audio feature in AirPods Pro uses dynamic head tracking to raise the sounds around you for content recorded in 5.1, 7.1, or Dolby Atmos levels, as the feature tracks your head position in coordination with the position of an iPhone or device IPad, then compare motion data to reset the sound field.

 What are the most prominent defects?
 Headphones AirPods Max support some new features, but we are still waiting for the headphones to be launched next Tuesday to try it out and judge how strong these features are, and are they sufficient to justify this high price.

 But this does not negate that the headphones lack some of the features that are available in the competing headphones, for example: we find that the battery life of 20 hours is very little, while the Sony XM4 headphones come with a battery that lasts 30 hours on a single charge, which is a big difference.

 In addition, the Digital Crown on AirPods Max seems impractical, as it is easier to click on the touch controls on the headphones of Bose and Sony.

 The Bose 700 also gives you more control through 11 noise cancellation settings, while in the AirPods Max you only have two options, which are (play) or (cancel), and the Sony XM4 and Bose 700 also include the traditional headphone jack to use a cable My audio is with them, while Apple's headphones aren't.

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