This application for Android will help you achieve your dreams in the year 2021

After leaving a year as fateful as 2020, 2021 promises to be a year of proving, rediscovering ourselves and achieving all those goals that we have yet to achieve for any reason. However, to achieve this goal, it is necessary to have the desire to fulfill the New Year's resolutions. In other words, you must stay motivated and inspired.

Do you want to achieve your goals, but don't feel inspired to work on them? Well, here we present you an app that will help you a lot. It's called Fabulous: Daily Motivation and it's basically a habit tracker and booster with personal trainer functions that will help you achieve whatever you want in 2021. Find out more about this great app below.
 The main function of the app is to create good habits that will help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. In fact, when you start using it, the first thing you'll do is answer a series of questions until the app creates a 100% custom list of habits for you. Based on what? Well, based on the habits you have today that must change to feel healthier and more energetic.

 In addition to that, the app will always suggest tips and ask you if you want to set reminders to create specific habits. For example, if you need to drink more water, the app will recommend placing a glass of water near your bed and it will remind you as well. It also offers tips and suggests challenges to lose weight, sleep better, focus better on your work, etc ...

The app also has an option called Inspire me where there are a series of activities that will direct you to find the spark you need to move forward. The app also features an integrated workout coach, Zen and Vipassana meditations that improve breathing, focus, happiness training, naps and much more ...
 It should be noted that all the exercises, routines, and habits suggested by the app are designed on a scientific basis. So chances are high that they work and inspire you. We can also mention that the interface of this application is very friendly and has very comfortable sounds, so you will be happy to use it and follow your progress in it.

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