Baby Ryan Kaji wins $ 30 million: Discover the highest-grossing YouTuber of 2020

One of the celebrity follow-up platforms on the Internet published a list of the most monetizing content creators on YouTube in 2020, as nine-year-old Ryan Kaji made nearly $ 30 million in one year of "opening his box" and reviewing games to hold the title of Top YouTuber. Wages for the third year in a row.
Baby Ryan Kaji wins $ 30 million: Discover the highest-grossing YouTuber of 2020

 Forbes published a list of YouTubers who made the most money in 2020.
 Although celebrities' total earnings have decreased by $ 200 million compared to 2019 due to the Coronavirus, the numbers are still surprising.

  On the list, 9-year-old Ryan Kaji ranked first with total earnings of $ 29.5 million, 3.5 million more than what he achieved last year.

  Kids Channel has become popular thanks to science experiments, family stories, and reviews of new games. Additionally, much of his work comes from licensing agreements for more than 5,000 products, from bedroom decorations and action figures to masks and walkie-talkies that he uses in his videos.

Second place for Mr. Beast, with $ 24 million. His videos are based on a mixture of humor and sometimes dangerous tricks.

 Third place goes to Dude Perfect, with earnings of $ 23 million, and the channel consists of five siblings who enjoy playing pentball and competing with each other whenever they can. The channel has 58 million subscribers.

 Also on the list was Mark Fischbach, with earnings of $ 19 million.

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