Smash app to share your files between devices with unlimited sizes and without registration for free

Sharing files takes place in the first two ways through the local network, whether it is Wi-Fi, bluetooth, or even cable internet, and it is between the nearby devices connected to the same network and is very fast and does not need the Internet. As for the second method, it is sharing files with devices far away from you and its speed depends on the speed of your internet connection and you  The recipient must have a storage server that acts as an intermediary between you and the recipient. Here lies the problem as the services available have a limited file size in the free version often.

Smash app is free for Android and you can share files from your phone in unlimited sizes with anyone on the Internet and provides several advantages, the most important of which is ease of use there is no need for registration as it provides the ability to share more than one file at the same time and encrypts the files during the transfer and provides direct links for download and the files remain in Server for 7 days before deleting it and enables you to share all types of files including photos, videos, documents, etc.

 Download the application from the link below .. Then press Smash and then choose the files from your phone to share and then wait for the files to be uploade

After uploading files, click Share and then choose how to share the download link with the recipient, whether through communication or e-mail programs

When the recipient clicks on the download link, he will be transferred to the application page, "Therefore, he must also install the application for a better experience." Then the recipient will press Smash and then Download to download the files.

That way you can easily share files without the hassle of registering on websites and then subscribing to paid packages for sharing large files.

 Smash app link Smash

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