Download the new Ken Master - 1000 Arabic fonts - Kinemaster Diamond latest version 4.13.7 - 2020 - via Telegram and Mediafire

We offer a new version of Kin Master that contains a thousand Arabic fonts, yes a thousand Arabic fonts with a separate file, you can download the application of Kin Master 2020, the latest version now from KN.

Download Ken Master with 1000 Arabic fonts via Telegram and Mediafire provided by your life mobile.
 The new Ken Master Diamond is denoted by 1000 Arabic fonts - Kinemaster Diamond - Kinemaster Diamond.

 Links to download the Ken Master version 4.13.7:

 Before downloading, delete the old version and install the new store, it is running and needs internet.

Links to download the Arabic fonts file 1000 Arabic fonts:

 Watch the video below to learn how to install fonts.

 Features of Kin Master Version 4.13.7 Al Muhaker:

Hacked without watermark and ads • Adding 1000 new Arabic fonts • Contains the new dark and night mode • iPhone line with iPhone emoji • Serenity key feature for pictures • Serenity Key for Video feature • New setting feature to make the filter • Modify the color tint feature New Text Features (works) • Voice adjustment and voice changing (working) feature • Photoshop filters in Kin Master Supports more than 15 video layers (all devices) • The group feature is open and working (for all devices) • 4 times faster video acceleration • Supports Sony Vegas transitions • Store and buy paid for free • Save your videos in 4K resolution • New black and green style • And many more features that you will discover on your own Watch the video to see all the details and features:

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