Video ... An evil bird is the biggest fire fighter in Australia

Because it is "intrusive" from its nature to intentionally rob the livelihoods of others as it seems, that is, to harm only, to the extent that the Holy Prophet analyzed his killing wherever and wherever, and he is known as the "kite" or Kite taken from the tops of tall trees and the surfaces of high buildings are observatories and observation points, see  Including what he feeds on him, and when he saw it, he passed and picked it up for an easy summit, even if they robbed the graft.

What is new about this bird is that Australian scientists recently discovered that it might be the biggest cause of the fires plagued by Australia without stopping for nearly 6 months, because it deliberately spread the fire as much as it could, by catching it as a burning fire in a wood or a small branch, then flying it to throw it in a place  Another of the wilderness and the commons, updated every capture from a new focus of fire, and in this way the fire spreads more everywhere, because dozens of birds from his platoon do the same, according to what we see in the video below.

University of Sydney scientists say that herbs and trees grow long on the ground, hindering the vision of this bird when looking from above to see what it has to eat, so this problem is solved by the policy of the scorched earth, i.e. bringing anything small that he sees burning to throw elsewhere, thereby burning all  A prolonged plant that impedes vision, so that the “kite” becomes able to see for food, which the Apostle was certainly aware of, so he made it the second of 5 birds and animals advised to kill and dispose of it, so he said in what “Al Arabiya.” Also found by Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim: “Five of  The animals are all lewd, they are killed in the sanctuary: raven, sharpness, scorpion, mouse and dog-brains.

In the video, we find that the burning fire, which is Australian, is small in size and a few firefighters can control and extinguish it easily, but dozens of "kite" birds accept it, and each of them picks up its beak even if it is a grass or a small burning rod and flies with it to throw it in another rural location  In the region, and thus the bird itself turns into a match stick that ignites a huge fire, which comes on the green and dry land within minutes, and then the field is free of any obstacles that hinder its hunting, so that when it shaves, it can see what it is eating, and it plunges into its hunger.

Australian University scientists studied this phenomenon only last year, and they said in a working paper published by several scientific media sites, that the purpose of this bird from its expansion of the fires is to find a new livelihood field for it, because by burning it to the area it also gets more sources of sustenance,  It comes from the death of small creatures that were killed in the area by the fire, and it becomes a feast for months, and perhaps a whole year.

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