The US Pentagon bans the use of the Tiktok app

The American authorities continue their war on the controversial application of the Chinese company ByteDance, Tik Tok, in what many see as part of the trade war between the two parties, as the American military authorities took a new decision in this regard.
Many calls have spread by politicians and security in the United States of America to ban the work of Tik Tok application on American soil due to accusations of the application being spying on users and sending data to the company's servers in China, which constitutes a threat to the national security of the United States of America.

Also, the US Navy imposed on all its members not to use the Tik Tok application on their personal phones granted by the American military authorities due to the dangers of spying on their phones through this application, but this time, the US Department of Defense itself "the Pentagon" announced a ban on the use of the application on The ministry's service phones because it is a "cyber threat", while allowing the military to continue using it on their own phones, but with caution.

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