The Netherlands officially ends its presence on maps and has changed

The country "Nederland" has permanently renounced the name "Netherlands" and ceased to exist from January 1, 2020, and the name of this ancient European country no longer officially exists, local NOS radio reported yesterday.
 "Now the local authorities, universities, private companies and the print media should use the name" Nederland "(Lowland Land) instead of the Netherlands," the radio station said.

 The government believes that such a measure would allow the country to get rid of the image of the place connected to drugs and prostitution.
The country's authorities also consider that this decision will redistribute the tourist flow, given that most foreigners today visit the historic Netherlands, meaning Amsterdam, Harlem and The Hague, which the International Court of Justice is based in, and these cities cannot deal with the increasing influx of tourists to it.

 Reforming the country’s name will cost the European kingdom’s budget no less than 200,000 euros.

It became known earlier that the city of Amsterdam wanted to abandon the use of the term "red lanterns street" in the center of it, which is abundant in prostitution.

 The usual controversial name will disappear from city signs, and it will be replaced by the historical name of “De Wallen” or “City Center”.

 In turn, the National Tourism Board hopes that tourists will start visiting previously unusual destinations in the country, because famous places such as Amsterdam or Keukenhof, and the city of Liss, have already suffered during its history from excessive excitement.

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