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Video ... An evil bird is the biggest fire fighter in Australia

Because it is "intrusive" from its nature to intentionally rob the livelihoods of others as it seems, that is, to harm only, to the extent that the Holy Prophet analyzed his killing wherever and wherever, and he is known as the "kite" or Kite taken from the tops of tall trees and the surfaces of high buildings are observatories and observation points, see  Including what he feeds on him, and when he saw it, he passed and picked it up for an easy summit, even if they robbed the graft. What is new about this bird is that Australian scientists recently discovered that it might be the biggest cause of the fires plagued by Australia without stopping for nearly 6 months, because it deliberately spread the fire as much as it could, by catching it as a burning fire in a wood or a small branch, then flying it to throw it in a place  Another of the wilderness and the commons, updated every capture from a new focus of fire, and in this way the fire spreads more ever

Create your own Spotify in seconds with this app

Although Spotify and Apple Music allow you to enjoy the best online music, you may prefer to control the sound of the songs or take advantage of a catalog of your music.  One of the things that led to Spotify and the like was that your discs and songs stored at home would go to an abandoned drawer or, in the worst case, to the trash can.   But music streaming services don't always contain that song or disc that you keep on your computer.  The only solution is to keep it safe on a PC or Mac, or lift it to the cloud so that you can listen to it on your own.  Here comes the CloudBeats app, which is a free app available for iOS and Android devices that allows you to play the music you save in the cloud.  That is, if you have songs stored in Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, you can use CloudBeats as your own streaming service with those songs.  CloudBeats is a premium music player because it plays online content.  Specifically, you can play your music files from service

The Netherlands officially ends its presence on maps and has changed

The country "Nederland" has permanently renounced the name "Netherlands" and ceased to exist from January 1, 2020, and the name of this ancient European country no longer officially exists, local NOS radio reported yesterday.  "Now the local authorities, universities, private companies and the print media should use the name" Nederland "(Lowland Land) instead of the Netherlands," the radio station said.  The government believes that such a measure would allow the country to get rid of the image of the place connected to drugs and prostitution. The country's authorities also consider that this decision will redistribute the tourist flow, given that most foreigners today visit the historic Netherlands, meaning Amsterdam, Harlem and The Hague, which the International Court of Justice is based in, and these cities cannot deal with the increasing influx of tourists to it.  Reforming the country’s name will cost the European kingdom

The US Pentagon bans the use of the Tiktok app

The American authorities continue their war on the controversial application of the Chinese company ByteDance, Tik Tok, in what many see as part of the trade war between the two parties, as the American military authorities took a new decision in this regard. Many calls have spread by politicians and security in the United States of America to ban the work of Tik Tok application on American soil due to accusations of the application being spying on users and sending data to the company's servers in China, which constitutes a threat to the national security of the United States of America. Also, the US Navy imposed on all its members not to use the Tik Tok application on their personal phones granted by the American military authorities due to the dangers of spying on their phones through this application, but this time, the US Department of Defense itself "the Pentagon" announced a ban on the use of the application on The ministry's service phones because i