GoPro launches a new flash accessory for the HERO8 Black camera at $ 50

GoPro has launched a new Light Mod accessory to support the HERO8 Black with an external lighting flash attachment, removable and available at $ 50.

 The new GoPro Light Mod flash accessory features a removable design from the camera, and the top of the camera is installed with an experience that simulates cameras without an internal mirror or DSLR cameras.

Light Mod flash accessories are now available in the United States market, and it also features LED lighting, with 4 levels of illumination, and strong brightness, which can be used to illuminate a higher focus on the subject of photography, especially at night hours.

 The flash accessory comes with 200 lumens, with a waterproof design to a depth of 33 feet, and also comes with a charge life of up to 6 hours in a built-in rechargeable battery.

 The Light Mod flash accessory features an adapter with a USB-C cable, as it is now available in the United States market, and is launched to global markets in the coming weeks.

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