Play Call of Duty Mobile on your PC in 5 simple steps

Call Play Call of Duty Mobile on your PC in 5 simple steps

 Call of Duty Mobile is one of the new games for the mobile phone campaign, which is the competition for the other game, which goes without the definition of “Ppgi”.
 But based on the latest official statistics, the game has surpassed BPG and much.

 Anyway, everyone is impressed with the way Call of Duty Mobile is played, and it is all the more impressive when it comes to the number of guns and their images.  However, long hours of play on the screen of your mobile phone can become a bit boring.
 So, if you want to play the game on your computer, here's how you can do the same, and how it represents five very simple steps.

 Steps to download and play Call of Duty Mobile on your computer:
 * The first step is to download the official Call of Duty Mobile emulator called Gameloop.
 Download the Gameloop emulator to your computer.

 * After downloading the emulator, install it and once done open it.
 * Step 3, click Install “Call of Duty Mobile” from within the emulator.
 * Step four, after installation simply run the game.

 * Fifth and final step, sign in with your Facebook profile or enter it as a “guest” to play the game.

 It should be noted, that before you start playing, instructions on the controls and buttons design will be displayed, keeping in mind that there is no option to customize or change the layout of the buttons, but you can adjust the sensitivity to suit the type of weapon you use.
 After installation, you will need to take one more step, and crystallize in rebooting your computer and enable virtualization, and here for Intel CPU user, click the reboot button and enter the BIOS, then Advacnce BIOS Features down to Virtualization Technology and click Enable.
 If enabled previously, the last step is never needed, so you have accomplished what you need, and all you have to do is enter the game, shoot and play with others.

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